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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Virtual Safari: The Week in Video #51

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Wow, as you say, spectacular viewing of Mashaba in the tree – and then to see her mating! Are her daughters larger than average as well?

James, keep them coming🤗

Great to the Mashaba female so fit and well. We have a stream of photos from seeing her on a bank and with a kill in tree from nearly six years ago. Still spectacular.

Spectacular video which I truly enjoyed!

Thank you for tbe news of Mashaba female! The video is great

Good sighting of the mashaba female and senegal bush male mating, spectacular video. Also loved the lions and Birmingham male roar phenomenal. Wonderful video thank you James.

Spectacular video of the lions and especially of the leopards’ mating.
By the way: The Tsalala and her daughter – are they still around and fine?

Loved seeing the lions and hearing that roar!
Aerial footage of the Mashaba leopard in the tree is very special too.

Love the aerial footage! In short spectacular. What are you using for the aerial camerawork if i may ask?
Thanks again

Fantastic! Wonderful to see the Mashaba female again.. and mating! The most stunning shots of her in the deadwood tree! Well done! Thanks so much for keeping us in touch with what is going on at Londolozi while we are unable to visit!

That Mashaba female is a spectacular specimen! Loved the virtual safari! We really appreciate your enthusiasm, James.

What sightings of Mashaba- in the tree and then mating. So good to know she’s doing well and perhaps will bear cubs again. The Ntsevu pride and Birmingham males still looking strong. Thanks for another great video.

James, why do you think that Mashaba has not been able to raise any cubs lately? We saw her heavily pregnant in early August 2019 (with Byron!) and yet no surviving cubs since then? Hopefully these babies with Kunyuma will survive!

Tremendous video of the Ntsevu pride, but the footage of the Mashaba female in various states and conditions were nothing short of spectacular!!

Thank you again James. These weekly videos are so enjoyable! It feels like we are there with you!

happy to see the Mashaba female after a while! Thanks for the spectacular video with impressive big cats

That’s absolutely brilliant-really enjoyed watching that and love all the bush noises
Thanks so much guys

Spectacular footage, James! Love our Queen Mashaba!

Yet another wonderful catch-up on the week James. Just loved the first sighting of the Birmingham male and senior female walking through the grass and then suddenly just flopping down with a huge sigh from the Birmingham male as if he’d just run a marathon 😂😂..and of course they just vanished from view in that long grass ! Magnificent footage of the Mashaba leopard 👌🏻💗💗

I can just imagine how hard it is to find leopards in the green bush!

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