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Bronwyn is 4th generation custodian of Londolozi Game Reserve, a mother, Master life coach and also one of its most longstanding employees, having grown up on the floors of the kitchen and in the gardens of the lodge. Bronwyn’s official title is that ...

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on The Economy of Wildlife this World Wildlife Day

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James, I loved the video🤗

Well said, thank you!

Thank you guys incredible stories, great to understand the collaborations, the technical sophistication and massive effort involved in protecting all that we hold so dearly yet sometimes take for granted and glad to see our visits contribute in some way to the Londolozi ecosystem as a whole. Much appreciated

This is really incredible and stunning work that you all are doing at Londolozi! I was blown away by the videos and inspired by your words James. All the more reason to love and support the work you do, and to be mindful of what we can do in our own locales. ❤️❤️

What an AMAZING accomplishment to have reduced the poaching numbers to almost 0. Never thought it would happen in my lifetime. Congratulations to all the Londolozi family.

Great video. I think it’s great that one can help people by staying at Londolozi. One more reason to go to this lovely place.

Great technology partners!

Senior Digital Ranger

Exceptional Post! So many things to contemplate as we align past, present and future…wildlife, people and the land.

Senior Digital Ranger

It’s so heart warming to hear and see a different perspective of life and the positive efforts being made across the globe. It’s just profound!

All you people at Londolozi have put a lot of effort into training rangers, schooling children and keeping wildlife safe. Technology helps a tremendously and that each and every one plays their part, in becoming better at saving the animals, forests and to pertain the eco system. Well said James.

One safari at Londolozi is such an eye opener! Even in one day you learn so much! you are the best!!! Thank you for being!! Victoria

Just think, if one private reserve can achieve all that’s illustrated above, how much good all reserves collectively can realize for supporting and protecting their land, its wildlife, employees, and the local villagers. Also, thank you Bronwyn for highlighting the role technology plays in the protection of wildlife from poachers, etc.

Wonderful to see the amazing work being done within the community and for the protection of our wonderful wildlife. Thank you Londolozi, Cisco & Dimension Data. Here’s to many more successful collaborations.

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