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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Londolozi’s Lessons of Love

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Love the video.

Senior Digital Ranger

Loving Londolozi and Life!!!!

James, I loved the video🤗

Fantastic video! Dungle beetles are better than Valentine birds… the moving story of the ostrich and human friendship along with mum’s love make it unique. I loved the cheetah at the end, hope there will be more news on those beautiful endangered animals. Happy Valentine!

Senior Digital Ranger

Happy Valentine’s Day to you creative geniuses.

Well done! Spectacular way to start my day filled with love.

Wonderful Video. Thank you and Happy Valentines Day

Love this. Thank you so much, you made my day. Love Gilly.

I love your video and Africa and Londolozi…

Great video!
I added the cover lion photo to my favorites awhile back. For me it
encapsulates those “God help me” moments throughout the day!😂
Thanks for the reminder that patience is love.

What a lovely video. Thanks for sharing!!!💕🙏❤

What a beautiful video filled with love, dedication, determination, patience and lots of laughter. The lion cubs rubbing against mom shows so much love between them. I loved the ostrich story, because we were surprised one morning to find a white hen in our yard. So beautiful and she was not scared of the dogs, so we kept her and named her Hessie. She eventually thought she was a dog and would sit next to me while I was played ball with the dogs. We then got a rooster to give her a mate and now they have given us many chickens and eggs. Love conquers all. Well done James!!! wonderful video.

Mahalo for warming my heart this morning. I feel the love although we’re 12 times zones apart. Be well. Hope to see you in October.

Wishing you all Happy Valentines Day and may your lives be filled with love.

Thank you for this wonderful video and reminder, James, that indeed, Love is All We Need!!

Wishing you all fun, friendship, passion, patience and determination in the mystery of love🙏💕 perhaps you could add Commitment, as all of you at Londolozi show that, bringing these beautiful videos to our homes for us to enjoy through this difficult time. With gratitude and love Cally

Wonderful video and write up.

You have outdone yourself this is so beautiful- Londolozi is Love❤️

LOVE LOVE LOVED this video!! Happy Valentine’s Day to you’all!!

Well said and it is true, all we need is love and lots of nature. Love conquers all things. Love is never boastful, jealous or inpatient. Happy Valentine’s to all you wonderful people and rangers, you have the most beautiful place in the entire world. Londolozi!!!

James, thanks so much for the uplifting video! We are sharing it wherever we can!

I don’t know how I missed this in my daily mail, but seeing it today, Valentines Day, made it even more special. Thanx for the best email of my day!!👍🎥

Londolozi videos are the best!

großartige Berichte. Wir sind dabei. Auch haben wir vor, dieses Jahr Euch zu besuchen. Wir lieben die Wildtiere und wir lieben die Lodges-

Beautiful! And 2020 taught us Love sustains us too!

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