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Jess was born in Kwazulu/Natal but grew up in Cape Town. Having an innate love for all things wild but getting to spend little time in the bush while growing up, she headed straight for the Lowveld after school. She completed a guiding ...

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on The Week in Pictures #478

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Fantastic pics Jess. Love the goliath heron and wood sandpiper.

Jess, I loved all pictures, especially leopard in the tree, owl in tree, Goliath Heron, saddled bill stork🤗

Great first TWIP. I loved the heron and weavers.

Dear Jess,
Congratulations for your 1st TWIP!
Beautiful pictures!
Well done and keep it up!

Beautiful and beautifully framed photos this week. Thanks Jess.

Lovely TWIP, Jess – think you’ll be doing a lot more of them!

Great photos Jess. Especially the birds 🙏🏻💕 Interesting that the male lions eyes have a green hue to them rather than the golden eye coloring …never knew that.

Jess, Nicely done. I enjoyed the presentation, my favorite was the Goliath Heron, as we have several varities of Heron’s in my home state of Florida

Beautiful pictures; I like the pictures of the young owl and the Goliath Heron especially.

These don’t look like beginner’s photos to me, Jess.
Color contrast is fantastic!

Senior Digital Ranger

Wonderful photos Jess. Thank you. The reflections are ultra special …

What a lovely variety of photos !! loved seeing so many birds I have not seen at Londolozi! Always fun to see lions and leopards!! Thank you Victoria

Your foto on the goliath heron is so beautiful with the shadow of the heron in the water. The little spotted owlet is so shy, reminds me of the spotted eagle owlet we saw in the open field behind our house. We also have a few thick billed weavers here by us. The male is much darker than the female. I love the two eagles, especially the wahlburg’s eagle, your foto’s are beautiful Jess. Why are the ntsevu lions colour eyes different from each other, is there a reason?

Lovely, lovely photos. I especially enjoyed the subtle, beautifully detailed backgrounds in several of them and the expression you captured of the wildlife and birds. Thoroughly pleasant.

Hi Jess! Could you confirm the sex ratio of the Ntsevu sub-adults for me please? I was told 7 males and 7 females but want to make sure that is in fact the case!

Congratulations on your first TWIP. You’ve put together a variety of images complimenting the large and small species found during your days out and about. The Goliath heron is especially stunning. Keep on clicking!

Jess, let me congratulate you for presenting your first successful Week in Pictures. Your writing, description and images were spot on. I loved your capture of the Nkuwa female in the tree and the Saddle Billed Stork always makes me shake my head in wonder while I stare at it’s beak. But the image that caught my breath was your Goliath Heron standing in the reflective water! Here’s wishing you further blogs and images to post in Londolozi’s blog.

It would be nice to see a bit more coverage of the fantastic birds that abound in the Londolozi bush, while out on game drives

So a female Saddle Billed Stork always have yellow eyes? That is really something awesome that I have learned. What is the color of the males eyes?

Wian they are black, and he has a yellow wattle hanging down at the base of his bill that the female lacks…

Wow, great first post on the Week in Pictures Jess!! I love all the birds, the thoughtful and artistic composition of your images, and the interesting captions! Brava, well done!!

Great first week in pictures for you! I enjoyed the weaver nest inspection and the sandpiper shots!

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