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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Ticking off one of Those Guiding “Lifers”

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Amazing sighting.

He is such a beautiful leopard. He looked so completely at ease, there where he was sleeping all snugged up in the shade of the fig tree. So glad he finally woke up so you could take these beautiful foto’s. What a beautiful big fig tree, so shaddy, nor wonder he was reluctant to get up. Lovely to see him decending from the tree. I can never get enough of leopards. Good foto’s Sean.

Sean, I loved all the photos, especially your leopard yawn🤗

Sean, we can see how your patience pays off! Over the years we’ve had a few “lifer” experiences to at Londolozi and look forward to checking off a few more on future visits!

Sean, great capture. Magnificent Leopard

Hi Sean what a,surprise! I always look forward to reading about African vegetation and the fig tree looks magnificent! As well as the Ximungwe male leopard. Thank you for the fresh news on both and the lovely pictures!

Beautiful! How is it that all cats manage to look so supremely comfortable, wherever they’re sleeping.

The textures of the fig trees are amazing and quite beautiful. Quite a backdrop for the Ximungwe young male in itself!

Sean, what a stunning setting💗💗…I’m in love with those beautiful trees and I can understand why you have to stop for a moment or two when passing them……but….to capture the vibrant coat of the Ximungwe male amongst those roots and greenery was just exquisite. 👌🏻‼️

What a wonderful tree and an even more wonderful leopard in it.

What a beautiful sequence of photos Sean!….your wish has finally come true!!…what a magnificent fig tree and to spend time with such a stunning young leopard safely positioned and resting up there..Wow….great story Sean… Almost felt I was there experiencing it with you….thanks for sharing those delightful images…take care

Well, it seems that’s where the patience play yields results. Congratulations on ticking off another box. During my visit coming up in a few weeks, I am hoping to tick off the sighting of a leopard cub – in a tree, on the ground, near the water, on a rock, peaking out from rocks – doesn’t matter the setting, the thrill would be just to see one. But, if it doesn’t happen, then “Next”! There will always be something else to see.

Well worth the wait!

What a terrific tree and a perfect sighting!

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks Sean – don’t think I’ve ever seen a leopard curled up and asleep like a domestic cat! Another good sequence of photos and fond memories of the fabulous Londolozi Leopards.

Amazing to see a leopard in a tree like that!

So cool! Glad you revisited and got such great images. As they say, “Stick around for the miracle.” And that you did!

Your writing along with your stunning images brought me a lot of joy. The fig tree is nearly art in itself! Such visual interest! Now, couple that with a leopard and I was hooked! Several of your captures could be wall hangers. Thanks so much!

Absolutely stunning! Definitely on my list to still see a leopard lying in a tree like that

What a beautiful background for that Leopard!

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