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Robbie developed a passion for the African bush from many visits to his family’s small holding in a greater conservancy just outside Johannesburg. Living in the big city his whole life, he always found refuge in the outdoors and has grown to appreciate ...

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Interesting blog Robert. Great sighting.

Robert, I loved all the photos, especially one kingfisher🤗

Robbie, thanks for the gorgeous Kingfisher images! We are always at Londolozi in the winter, so they are not usually within our sights. Maybe we will get lucky one of these days!

Beautiful pictures of the kingfishers

Awesome post Robert, not least because I always love when you and your fellow rangers tell humorous, and often self-incriminating stories of your exploits! I also find it endearing that you all demonstrate a wonderful humility. All of that said, the information on the kingfishers and the Halcyon genus was completely fascinating!

I’m glad you enjoyed it Paul

Whilst it is widespread in the northern regions of South Africa in the summer months, for ever the Woodland Kingfisher will remind me of Londolozi, as its calls are iconic in the Londolozi bush – so much so, that I now have its call as a ringtone on my mobile – a bit confusing in the summer months when we visit our lodge in Mokaikai, as I often run to answer my phone, not realising its a feathered visitor !! Great shots in your post !

I’m sure you remain pleasantly surprised nonetheless! Thank you Mike.

That should have been awesome. I have never seen a Grey Headed Kingfisher in real life. What is your favorite bird Field Guide Robert Ball?

Thats a tough one Wian… The giant kingfisher has to fall into my top 3 though!

The woodland kingfisher is the prettiest of the three. Very interesting to hear the grey headed kingfisher are migration birds and fly at night using the stars to navigate. I have certainly learn’t something today. Also that they are insect eaters. There colours are so beautiful. Thanks Robert very educational.

Robert, I too have obviously mistaken the grey headed kingfisher for the brown hooded kingfisher on all my sightings of this species, as I was blissfully unaware that the grey headed kingfisher even existed! How lucky you were able to enjoy and photograph this beautiful bird. 🙏🏻💕

A great message in this post for anyone! Plus I love all of our kingfishers!! It’s very rare to see the grey-headed kingfisher in SA!

Senior Digital Ranger

Your opening photo of the Sand River was amazing. What a breathing view! And I truly love all of the Kingfishers… just a beautiful bird… thank you for the story!

Thank you Barbi, I wish i could say that I took the photo!

Beautiful images of the Kingfishers and enjoyed learning about them!

Thank you Joanne, I’m glad!

Very amazing sighting- I love those Kingfishers! They are stunning.

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