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At less than a year old, Kirst went to her family’s hut in the Greater Kruger National Park, and has been fortunate enough to continue to go there ever since. Sharing a passion for the bush with her family, led to countless trips ...

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on Seeing Cheetah after 11 Years

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Always to see a cheetah as they are so endangered. Great sighting of a harlequin qail.

Kirst, I loved the cheetas🤗

We were fortunate on our first day to have followed a cheetah tracking an impala and taking it down 2o meters from the vehicle. It’s hard to describe the excitement. The cheetah reached top speed so quickly. After the takedown, the mother cheetah alerted her 2 cubs who completed the kill. Cheetahs are remarkably athletic and graceful in contrast with leopards which exude power and strength.

When I am existing I am living in the bush.

For all of our love of leopards…..cheetahs are really magnificent to see in the wild…..and especially if you are lucky enough to see a full hunt!

How fortunate you and your guests were to see these 3 magnificent cats. I’m a believer of the plan to set off each drive with moderate expectations and then just sit back and enjoy the surprises that may be in store! That being said, it doesn’t hurt to find cheetahs, leopards and/or lions along the way……

it is always such attest to see one cheetah let alone 5!!!! WOW!!I envy you!!! Victoria

It’s great that you can watch cheetahs in Londolozi now. Great photos.

You are indeed privileged to be in the presence of three such special creatures!

Kirst I hear you.. I grew up in White River and frequented the Kruger national park on a regular basis with my father. We never saw cheetah. On my last trip into the park, when my father was extremely unwell, I left him to rest at the camp and went out for a late afternoon drive. l came across 3 young cheetah investigating a fallen tree right next to the road. I must have spent 40 minutes enjoying them all to myself before a car appeared …..they couldn’t have been more than 3m from me all this time!! I will never ever forget this incredible moment.. as there was a double
meaning to this sighting. You will no doubt remember this occasion as one experiences a safari for the first time ! 💖🙏

Incredible Kirst!….what a thrill!…three cheetahs !…last year’s cubs have survived…..how wonderful…and what a privilege…. Thanks for this brilliant sighting… So glad they’re doing well….are they all males I assume?….

@Pauli Bakker, Hi Pauli, yes the two cubs were 2 young males with their mother

Lovely post Kirst, and an terrific reminder to be present and allow life to surprise and delight! Also, Cheetahs are my favorites!!

Digital Ranger

There are more Cheetahs have been seen in KNP area since last year, sadly none of them has name…

Master Tracker

A lovely sighting , if you go to differing parts of the reserve you always run the chance of the unexpected . Any guest who gets to see both cheetahs and leopards …
Of course to see cheetahs, leopards and a serval…

Kirst it was a beautiful sighting. I also have not seen cheetahs many times in my life. I would have been so excited to see them right before my eyes, even more so as they were mother and 2 cubs. The little quail is to gorgeous.

Kirst, thanks for the great story and reminder of appreciating all the special moments we experience at Londolozi!

That sounds like an incredible moment!!

It’s wonderful when you’ve experienced a lifetime memory….and know it.

Hi Kirst….thanks for replying to my enquiry about the sex of the two cheetah siblings!….much appreciated….hopefully they’ll keep safe ….. that bond will keep them in good stead for the rest of their lives!…… they’re such a special big cat …life is not easy for them…..

You concluding comments have brought back the sense of loss I felt when I left Africa for the UK. I know exactly what you mean. Hold onto it while you can.

How perfect! I still get so excited when I see animals in the wild even here at home – I hope to never lose that!

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