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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #475

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Stunning pics. Amazing how beautiful and green the bush is.

James, I saved owl, and I saved the Leopard, and I saved Dwarf Bittern🤗

James, Beautiful images once again. It’s interesting to see how green everything is. It must make it more difficult for tracking with the long grass!

It is always to see the world of Londolozi going about its business in accord with the rules of nature. You have brightened up my morning no end!! Thank you. Victoria

Master Tracker

Thanks, one of my favourite bits of the week, maybe next year or the year after I can get back.

Best wishes

Hello! Do you know if impalas have peculiar places when running away from a predator? Like the lambs in the center etc? I know this is typical of buffalo and bison. Thank you for the lovely pictures

Flat Rock is one beautiful boy!

Great pictures again this week. I love the rhino bull covered in mud.

The flat rock male is such a beautiful leopard. I enjoyed the foto of the elephants swimming and playing in the water, not to talk about the rhino covered in mud. The spotted eagle owl is so precious to me, as we have a pair behind our house in the trees. So shy and a master of disguise. They had one chick and is now all grown up already. So glad the wildebeest calf made it through another night. Wonderful foto’s!!!

I’m glad the bat was included. They’re such amazing animals and I rather enjoy them.

Loved all the pics, but especially the bat photo! Cool shot!

I loved all the animals covered in mud – like a giant nature spa day. The lone bull elephant in black and white was very striking as well.

Great week of photos James! The bush is alive and well, and everything seems to be popping!

Senior Digital Ranger

Another wonderful blog.. I love bats and was happy to see you included them!
Thank you for sharing!

Good to see some photos from that 600mm lens- especially the Flat Rock male and the lone Impala on the airstrip. It’s always a treat to wake up Friday morning and find TWIP- a good start to the weekend!

Wow, that’s a lucky sighting of that dwarf bittern!!

Great B&W elephant photo.

I really enjoyed the week in pictures! Very interesting! Thank you for sharing! Beautiful images!

Special array of images this week. Thanks!!

Hi James. Interesting and “different” pics today – the Mauritian Tomb Bat and the Bittern. The Mauritian Tomb Bat is apparently insectivorous. If it was a fruit eating bat would it’s facial structure be somewhat different? Secondly, my sister-in-law sent us a picture of a very strange looking and beautiful white moth. I would like to send it to you guys but don’t know which email address to use. No-one seems to know what the moth is. Can you help us please with an email address? Thank you! Wendy M

Love the pic of the Ntsevu pride on the airstrip ! Great variety as always..thanks James for keeping Londolozi close to us as our winter rolls on.🙏💓

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