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Jess was born in Kwazulu/Natal but grew up in Cape Town. Having an innate love for all things wild but getting to spend little time in the bush while growing up, she headed straight for the Lowveld after school. She completed a guiding ...

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on Leopard Kills Wild Dog

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It has been very long time since we heard about one ear pack and their remaining pups. Would you please tell us if you have updates about this pack. How many of the pups survive? Did you hear recently about this pack from any source. Thanks

Hi Kebebew,
We sadly haven’t heard anything of them for a long, long time…

Digital Ranger

Wow hope this do not happen to often, as there are may less than 6000 painted wolf left in the wild……

Wow Jess! That’s the first time we have heard of a leopard “take out” a wild dog! The Flat Rock male must have been some kind of a sneaky hunter to catch them off guard! The visual of the dogs realizing they had lost a family member must have been tough to watch….

Tough story to tell and difficult to read and visualize. Reminding me of the struggle for life and death every day in the Bush. Thanks for sharing

When I saw the headline I thought it must have been a dog that was away from the pack, but this is astonishing behaviour by the Flat Rock male. Has anything like this ever been documented before?

We’ve seen it with a leopard grabbing a pup Suzanne, but never an adult…

Jess, I loved all the photos🤗

Hello Jess, It was interesting to read. It is like you say raw nature. I have never seen wild dogs but I hope to see them one day! I think they are so impressive and smart! I’m happy to hear that the pack is still 15 members strong! Thank you for sharing!

Oh dear. Flat Rock, why did you do that? But actually I didn’t think that predators usually ate each other. Seems a bit less usual….

OMG, what a story! Sad, but as you said, an act of nature! I cannot imagine being on foot and witnessing this. That had to be such a shock. Thank you for sharing, Jess.

Golly Jess, what a story ….and to be so close and on foot to witness it all !!! As you say, that’s the way of the Wild but I’m So pleased it wasn’t the 3 eared family. Still sad. I hope she wasn’t the Mum of the last puppies 😔. Thanks for sharing 🙏🏻💕

Oh what a tragic awful thing to witness Jess….just like that…and it’s over for that poor wild dog pack female…..so precious and now gone…. I hope she wasnt the Alpha female……that’s raw nature for sure…..the pack of wild dogs will be stressed for some time no doubt, as their family bonds are so strong…v v sad news indeed

I almost couldn’t read that. I can’t believe it. Leopards really are opportunistic – I did not think it would eat another predator. I so love the dogs, so I am sad to hear there is now one less.

Wow! Incredible post, if heartbreaking for the wild dogs. My fascination for them is real as well, and I always love blogs about them, even when things don’t tip in their favor.

A truly incredible sighting!

Sooo Sad and Heartbreaking. God Bless All the Precious Beautiful EndangeredWild dogs and Endangered LEAPARDS. I Love And Respect All Animals especially All the Endangered Beautiful Animals in the Wild..

What a week this has been so far. First the Ottawa lion with his aardvark kill and now the Flat Rock male claiming his prize by attacking the pack. Can hardly wait to see what’s next!

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow! That is a first! And I’m sure as the story was told … lighting fast. That Flat Rock leopard certainly knew what he was doing and then to get it up the tree so fast… there is a lot to be said about the element of surprise!

Digital Tracker

Wow what a story and a sad loss to that wild dog pack.

How sad for the wild dogs, how exciting for the leopard and for you to watch.
This shows again that animals have and show feelings like we humans have, such as sadness and the will to rescue their relatives.

Senior Digital Ranger

Aside from the witnessing part, is it incredibly rare that something like that would happen at all?

What an astonishing sighting Jess. Feeling sad for the traumatised wild dog pack.

It is so sad Jess. Wild dog are my favourite predators. Maybe because they are so endangered. It is nature though.

Wow Jess, that is a really sad story and so sorry to loose another one of our beautiful dogs. As you say though, that is the raw wild and it will happen again I am sure. I am quite surprised that the dogs didn’t sense the leopard being close by though, for such alert predator’s. Thanks for sharing and keep the news coming no matter how tragic it may be.
Thanks again and stay safe
kind regards
Gavin Bester Durban, KZN

Dear Jess. That is so very sad. It must have been a horrible thing to witness. I can understand a predator killing another predator, but had no idea that the predator would actually EAT the other predator? This doesn’t often happen, does it? Wendy M

Thanks a lot for the response. It is so frustrating for not to hear about their fate. Hope they alive somewhere and pop up one day

What an incredible story and I am flabbergasted to hear the flat rock male killing an adult wild dog. Just goes to show the tenacity of the leopard. Good story.

Well, when wild dogs tear apart antelopes and leopard cubs alive it’s even less pleasant

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