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Boyd completed his basic schooling by studying the curriculum of a typical Western educational system while traveling the African bush to restore ecosystems, living in India and Europe to deepen his understanding of language and culture, and reading broadly to absorb a standard ...

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on 2020 ~ In Celebration of the Light

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Senior Digital Ranger

Happy Thanksgiving and Everyday! Thankful for family, friends and Londolozi’s daily Blog, Brilliant thought…Covid darkness but passage to the light. Enjoy your beautiful world!

Digital Ranger

Thank you for your good wishes. Please stay safe in your wonderful estate.

Your vision is an inspiration and I hope it continues to spread around the world. The daily blogs have continued to be my favorite daily ritual while eating breakfast (is it strange I can eat breakfast while watching lions tear apart a buffalo?). The virtual safaris have stirred up every kind of emotion within me. I often dream of the Tsalala lioness and her daughter. The weekly videos have brought me such joy. The two wellness challenges brought moments of such divine connection and clarity. Those moments have become some of my favorite memories of the year. You are changing the world and I am so glad to have experienced it first hand. I don’t know when I’ll be back, but I know in my bones I will be. Londolozi has become a part of me I never want to live with out, and for that, I am truly grateful.

Beautiful Boyd!! Our very first stop when this pandemic settles will be Londolozi. The beauty of what you have created and shared over the past months has brought us even closer to the special place you are lucky enough to call your home. We ALL cannot wait to visit soon! Today I am thankful for you and your light.

Very touching thanks! I’m looking forward to visiting

Boyd, I loved the video🤗

Dear Londolozi Family
Thank you all so much for all the photos, videos, stories and virtual safaris that you have shared with your friends and guests around the world on a daily basis. Your blogs have been the highlight of my day every day since the lockdown here started.
Let’s hope that the passage will soon be over.

Thank you, Boyd. Londolozi holds my heart gently and I treasure my time there. I send love and wishes for a truly NEW Year in 2021.

Thank you for this wonderful review of 2020. I started getting your blogs early on in the pandemic and I read them every day and find so much joy in them. Today you posted 2 of my favourites…the honey badger rescue, and the Londolozi dance to Jerusalema. I downloaded the song to my playlist and listen to it almost daily at my gym while working out. It always gives me energy and makes me smile. I hope to be able to dance in Londolozi one day.

Beautifully written Boyd…may Vision 2020 be just the beginning of a far bigger picture. Personally you daily streaming of virtual videos has brought warmth when all felt so difficult to comprehend and made the days in lockdown far more manageable. As we go into our second it continues to keep me focused on the brighter, lighter picture of tomorrow 🙏💗💗

And to the Londolozi Family, Thank You for keeping us connected to the place we love so dearly. Thank you for encouraging our souls to find and keep their connection to Nature, and please know that what you do touches so many of us every day in every corner of the globe.

Boyd, What an awesome post. So happy to see you on the blog! Don’t forget about your 40 days and nights! We listened to every one! The Wellness Challenges were amazing too – just when we needed them! We are looking forward to our time with all of you in July. Our best to all of your family and the Londolozi team!

Boyd this is a heartwarming blog. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and watching the videos. The entire world has been turned upside down and there has been much sadness. I agree with you that it is in times like these we seem to revert back to the “good old days” where we shared with our neighbours, grew our own food and were grateful for all that we had. Thank you so much. You are all wonderful people at Londolozi and I wish each and every one of you good health , safety and much happiness.

Beautiful letter Boyd, and it has been quite a year! One of the brightest spots is the year has been this incredibly valuable virtual relationship with Londolozi!! Besides reading your two books and enjoying your dispatches (including the 40 days and nights), the wonderful challenges the daily posts have been literally lifesaving bright spots!! All love and gratitude for the brilliant light you shine!!

Boyd, I loved the videos (2)

Boyd, what a beautiful heartfelt post that certainly brightened my Thanksgiving day here in California lockdown, once again. Whilst these 8 months have been difficult, thanks to the Londolozi family I greeted each day with anticipation knowing there would be a new post, as well as the virtual videos. Thank you James for this new addition that I hope will continue.
I had to postpone my March trip but have booked my place for April ‘21. In the meantime, keep the light burning brightly and continue Londolozi’s journey into a sustainable future.

Senior Digital Ranger

Words can’t adequately express the place Londolozi holds in my heart and soul as I am sure it does for all other visitors to this most special place on earth. The effort made to keep us connected during 2020 is an example of the care bestowed on you and the village you will always feel a part of once you have experienced it. My time in quarantine was truly bearable due to the enthusiastic virtual safaris , calm was brought through the mindfulness challenges and Boyd’s 40 Days and Nights podcasts were my morning coffee companion-inspiring and thought provoking. GWF‘s innovation and students continue to amaze me and will always have my regular support. I can’t wait to step back on to these hallowed grounds again and truly want to express my appreciation to all who send out these beacons of light.

One of the things that made enduring the past year palatable, was the hope that we would be able to maintain our scheduled trip in July. Now, with the contributions of scientists around the world, our trip is very likely.

Wonderful to read about all that has been accomplished and celebrated in 2020’s chaos.

Thank you Boyd. Part of me is always in Londolozi – I just close my eyes and I’m back in my room in Founders, and every time I do yoga at home I play the dawn chorus blog (from June). JT’s virtual safaris are always wonderful in connecting us all to you. I so hope I can make my February booking (postponed from this month).

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