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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on What Happened 5 Years Ago? #10

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How lovely to look back on 5 years ago! Especially love the photo of the Mashaba female with her young female cub (who were the first leopards we ever saw on Londolozi)… Also nice to revisit the Tsalala pride as they were and of course the Tamboti female who we miss. Thank you for the trawl through the archives!

We had the good fortune of seeing the Mashaba female and young Ximungwe female five years ago also!

I love these trips down memory lane too – James, you’re almost ready to start them for 10 years ago!

Now that’s a scary thought!

Great old memories James. Thank you very much for sharing!

Thanks for the memories James! We love your throwback posts and enjoy seeing the Tsalala pride when it was at its strongest!!

James, I saved the leopard caring leopard cub, and timboti female🤗

Great photos, James. I also remember seeing the tailless mother and daughter as part of their pride when I was at Londolozi for the first time in 2013 . It’s really great how one can remember lots of the sightings, maybe it is because of the photos taken, though not only because of that.

Such beautiful photos of the spotted kitties! I am also waiting for the very first time that I get to see a leopard carrying her cubbie…..

So wonderful to look back, remember and see how things have changed. All interesting memories and more to come!

What happy memories to relish! Tamboti is a special one to me having spent many hours with her in the sands of Maxabene riverbed. My albums are full of her images…

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Excellent throw back! Neat to see the Ximungwe female as a young cub after seeing her as an adult.

James….I hope someday you will pen a novel about your extraordinary life at Londolozi, with a prequil of course! I so enjoy all your posts and wish all there thanks and safety.

Often an assessment of the past guides the way forward.

Hi James, Without taking away anything from the many wonderful rangers and trackers we have met over the last 50 years, Tom Imry still comfortably retains his place in the top drawer. Truly the genuine package and a role model for any aspirant ranger. We visited Londo’s in 2015, about 6 months before your pictures were taken (pre-wedding visit) and I am sure that I have pictures of a leopard kill in that self-same Jackalberry. I will check! Thanks for the memories

Hi Ian,
Couldn’t agree more about Tom! Truly one of the Londolozi greats!
Would love to see the pics of that leopard if you can find them.
Best regards

very precious and moving images. Thank you

How wonderful to have a bank full of memories like this! I too can picture scenes as clear as day that I witnessed 50 years ago in the bush but for you, to follow the family line over time, must be very special indeed.💕 Just love the Mashaba female playing her cub ! 👌 Fab James 🙏💕

Great trip down memory lane James! Thanks for sharing these unique photos!

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