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Chris was born and raised in the Kwa-Zulu/Natal Midlands where his family inspired his early passion for the natural world. Exploring Southern Africa as he grew up, this passion was allowed to develop and his curiosity to expand. After high school, Chris spent ...

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on The Lion That Joined Us For Drinks

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Awesome photos Chris.
This Birmingham male seems to have enjoyed the drink haha, Glad you’re back at Londolozi.
Take Care

wow, this is unique and what a gift for you to have witnessed this moment. 🦁🥂

If I hadn’t seen the photos, I might have thought you were lion…

😂 Good one!

Yikes…how amazing

Master Tracker

That photo has to go on all the walls of all the lodges – the sighting of a lifetime

Hi Chris, great pictures and good times. Glad to see you back.

It’s all very Alice in Wonderland. Between this and the Finfoot female in front of the sign, I’d say nature just served up your next marketing campaign, with a twist of lime. 😉

Senior Digital Ranger

Well, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner…or at least for Cocktails! Welcome back Chris!!! Cheers!

Chris, I loved all the photos, especially lion sitting at your table🤗

OMG – that is truly incredible!!! lucky lucky guests.. not only being back at Londolozi after such a long time – but having such a mind-blowing experience! When I first saw that lion photo… I thought it had been photoshopped – obviously not! It was really there at the drinks table!

I just love these shots especially -The Guess who is joining us for drinks Honey? You guys are the best!

So you did not find out his favourite tipple? Did you have Angostura Bitters available? A Rock Shandy is a great drink on a hot, tiring, day especially when the prey have been giving a hungry lion the run around.

What an incredible moment and fantastic photos, Chris!! I’m surprised he didn’t help himself to any of the snacks!

I love the look on the lions face. you obviously had a fabulous 4 days of sightings and I have to say it best out cocktail hour being huddled next to the car as a herd of impalas stampeded by chased by wild dogs!! Wish we had Ben there!! Victoria

Very exciting. We are scheduled to spend Christmas with you, about 5 weeks from now. Crossing our fingers that nothing interferes, and we, too, can be some of your first guests!

Wow! It seems as though the wildlife is welcoming everyone back while reminding them whose home this really is! Fabulous experience!

Next time, pack a steak or two. No telling when the poor lion had his last impala.

Fantastic photo …. on the rocks or straight up? It’s a winner …..I enjoyed this piece and wish I had been there with everyone. Thanks for sharing Chris Taylor!

A truly charmed encounter and incredible photographic opportunity. Well done.

Wow there’s something you don’t see every day! We had a similar experience with an Elephant once and he sniffed every item on the table before meandering off. The bush is a constant surprise and delight !

When I saw the photo I thought April 1st had come early! He must have thought “the bar service is terrible in this place. How am I supposed to open the gin without opposable thumbs?” Definitely a once in a lifetime shot.

Wow! What great marketing shots!

What a fabulous surprise! That’s a sundowner experience never to be forgotten, and everyone has photographic evidence to back up their story. Welcome back!!

Wow, how exciting!!! Loved the photos! I thought maybe you had hired him as the bartender! 🤣

Absolutely awesome!! What a special sunset drinks adventure!

Shared with so many friends who are astounded!

Such an amazing experience and a fantastic pic! I’m sure those gin manufacturers love this shot as well! It’s that expression on the lion’s face that makes the pic so special too!

Senior Digital Ranger

Oh my gosh! What an amazing day you all had! Those pictures of the Birmingham lion at the table are comical! A tad different from Ya All’s norm I can imagine, ..

Your guests really had some very special days at Londolozi. The photo of that lion sniffing your snacks is just amazing. I wonder what such a lion is thinking at such a moment.
And the leopard in front of the Granites Suites is just a perfect photo for marketing.

Where’s the beef!?

Now that’s an incredible way to end a safari!!!

Welcome back! A sundowner for the ages! Shared with friends who are in awe!

Senior Digital Ranger

What an odd sight!

Senior Digital Ranger

That has got to be the photo of the decade / century! Superb and very funny. The king of the jungle / bush at his banqueting table!

WOW!….what a sight!….remember the movie ” Guess who’s coming to dinner”?……it certainly wasn’t Mr Lion that’s for sure!…. absolutely fantastic…..thanks for sharing that one Jess…..a one off!….

OH MY WORD! Maned Wonder Himself arriving for Cocktail Hour! Was his order a Lion or a Castle? Just interested ………. What a wonderful array of very special pics. Whoever the guests were who came on holiday at that time, invite them again and start taking pics of the local wild life. What an experience! Thanks, Chris! Wendy M

Just had to share this! What a great way for your family of animals to share Londolozi with the world 👌💕💕 the luckiest guests ever 😉

Completely and utterly stunning! What incredible fortune!

Chris, that s fantastic, a leopard in front of granite suite, unbelievable, and fantastic to drink a bubble with a lion- unique at all. See you

Senior Digital Ranger

Nice photo’s

Fantastic! The lion behaved according to his natural instinct… curious but do not eat it. What an amazing relationship you have with those creatures

Chris, clearly one of the most incredible sightings ever! Just incredible – and fun! Obviously he had good taste! Love seeing the Inverroche Gin on the table too!

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