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Pete was a Field Guide for Londolozi for 4 years, contributing to the blog as a fantastic writer as well as photographer. Right from his very first bush trip at the age of four, Pete was always enthralled by this environment. Having grown ...

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on The First Impala Lamb for 2020!

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Not a bad estimate James, such a lovely start to your summer thanks Pete 😊💕

Pete, I loved the video🤗

Hi Pete… you made my way! As we are being “locking down” everywhere, more or less, to see such a lovely and, as you rightly said, delicate small creature is a gift. It must be rewarding for you. I know there are so many predators around and it will be difficult for the lamb but so far it is alive and kicking. Big thank!

You made my day sorry I typed wrong

Loved the sound effects!
Truly amazing that they can walk/run so quickly after birth.

TOOOOOOOO cute! Thanks for this heartwarming post. Lovely to see life abounding.

Master Tracker

Do you have a name for it ?

Like Kebab ?

Kebab The Lamb 😳😳😳😳

Congratulations, there’s nothing like new life! I’ve been fortunate enough to witness a few animal births whilst visiting Southern Africa and it’s always heartwarming. Looking forward to seeing many more……

Very sweet and exciting news!

And the breeding season begins!!

Sweet (and unfortunately for some of them, delectable) little lamb!

Hello Pete Thorpe, I’m a fan of Mapogos and I would like to know something about them !! How did “Kinky Tail and Mister T” manage to attack and kill a Manjingilane alone, since lions are always together?!?! The Majingilanes attacked “Kinky Tail and Mister T” !! Were in lesser numbers, because “Mister T and Kinky Tail” didn’t run away (The Majingilanes must have given notice that they were in the majority) !!! ??? Why didn’t they join the other brothers ??? Thank you =)

This tiny lamb is so sweet. And, yes, the piglets are really cute.

Fantastic. Summer is here. Did you hear the Woodlands or is it too early.

Not yet…

Digital Tracker

Too cute! Did you see mumma Impala come back to get her baby? So exciting, and warthog piglets are adorable!!!

Adorable, and that might be the cutest sound I’ve ever heard!

Such a beautiful sighting, new life is always inspiring. Fingers crossed for this little one and for all of the other lambs being born in the coming weeks. As always Londolozi, thank you so much.

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