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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Drongo Chicks: So Far, So Good

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James, I loved all the photos, especially the chicks🤗

Love this update. Thank you.

Wonderful to see up close too. Beautiful photography and the birds are so precious as is all of wildlife in their natural environment. Thank you James once again for starting my day like a bright light …if we look carefully, hope and inspiration are just a click away on the Londolozi Blog. Blessings to all.

It is just as exciting, well not quite as the wild dog den. Love it.

Senior Digital Ranger

That is so precious – what a lovely story and photos and it is funny to see them squeezed into the nest – like the 5.30pm tube from Oxford Circus to Waterloo station on a weekday!

We wish them well! It always amazes me as they grow they can still fit in that nest together.

Absolutely charming photos of the drongos. Thank you.

Fabulous- thanks for the update!!

Fingers crossed that they all make it James. Thanks for this interesting blog. Be well and stay safe.

Wonderful pictures of these cute chicks. It’s really amazing how they can still live in the small nest. I do hope that all three will make it to independence.

Senior Digital Ranger

Very beautiful close ups.

Very cool, thanks for the update. Please keep us posted on their progress. Rooting for them!!

Digital Tracker

Yay that’s so wonderful to see, and even better to see that a cuckoo didn’t get her egg in there either! They are so cramped in there, you can’t imagine they’d be able to fit in there for much longer! 😄 What wonderful parents they are too! Thanks James for the update, great story!

Digital Tracker

Really great pics too btw! 👍🏼😀

Definitely rooting for them! Keep us updated!

I’m certainly rooting for them James! Bird life is so threatened in most parts of the world that I place them all in the same category as the Wild Dogs, endangered and or vulnerable. Wonderful close up’s. 🙏💕

Perhaps they are being considerate and thinking “In lockdown? We will come to you.”

Hello James I don’t think a species is more valuable than another as each has its place in the natural chain. Loved the little chicks!

Maybe not wild dogs but still very cute and interesting

Senior Digital Ranger

The pictures are super, it’s nice to see the clarity and detail. That nest is really crowded though… Good luck Drongo’s!

Most interesting to watch the development of the progeny in this family! Doesn’t have to be about the bigger wild life. Birds are equally interesting to watch when there is a little story like this unfolding! Thank you, James! Wendy M

Interesting! Great chick pics.

will definitely root for the three chicks. must be fun to have them close to camp so you can keep an eye on them! Victoria

It’s always special to find birds on the nest!!

The nest looks to be well made unlike other nests that are very untidy and flimsy.

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