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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #464

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Stunning pics this week. Love the birds. Great pic of the Birmingham male.

James, I loved all the photos, I saved the drongo, the Swainson spur fowls, I also saved the nest, also saved the lion with the big yawn🤗

That’s Young Male is the Styx Male. All the Mangheni Young Males have died. The Birmingham Males sons, the Styx and Nkuhuma Young Males, formed a coalition and recently went nomadic. Also, you said the Nstevu females have mated with 3 coalitions. I believe it’s only the infertile lioness who has done this, am I correct? The other 5 females have only mated the 2 Birminghams who in that picture looks in incredible condition.

Thanks Zaahid, apologies, I was meaning Nkuhuma or Styx.

How beautiful to see every morning with interesting information and glorious photography. How lucky are those guests to view close up …I need to open your Blog every morning first thing to remind me of the beauty and balance of nature in its glory….that’s what is really important not the other “fluff and stuff” …. you know what I mean. Thank you, James!

Amazing selection of photos James! That young male lion I believe is the young adult Torchwood Male (born in 2016 and fathered by the Birmingham Males) but it is hard to get a great look at his whisker spot pattern to tell for sure. Do you know what the sex ratio of the Ntsevu cubs are at this time or is it still unknown?

Senior Digital Ranger

Love the chameleon pic.

Styx or NKUHUMA male! The Mangheni male is no more….They are looking great and we are hoping that they find the Torchwood male as they are actually 1/2 brothers/cousins with the Birmingham boys as their fathers….
The Tsalalas are looking so beautiful too

Apologies, Nkuhuma was what I meant…

Great selection of amazing pictures this week! I especially loved the diverse and interesting images of the various birds, and that lizard pic is FIRE!!!

Great pics this week, you can actually feel the pictures brimming with spring/summertime life! Loved the chinspot birds and the Chamaeleon especially!

I love your photos, James. The birds’ nests are so interesting; and the lion cub’s paw on the tree is just great. And you still have the wild dogs in your area. That’s fantastic!

Thoroughly enjoyed your photos this week. I understand about cutting off the Birmingham’s tail and leg during panning- it happens to the best! Really nice bird photos, perhaps one day I can manage some decent bird shots. Good to see guests!!

I am enjoying your Blog. The bird pictures were great. Thanks.

Such a lovely week in photos ….. thankyou James….loved every one of them….. beautiful…..

Just love all the birds this week !! Just loved your angel taken on the Ntsevu cubs paw. All fabulous and so interesting as always ..thanks James ❤️🙏

Loved the photo of the lion cub’s claws–incredible how sharp they look.

Senior Digital Ranger

Great pics this week, thank you, I love those lion cubs. Regarding the cut off lion, I had a similar issue recently with a leopard. I had zoomed in too much while she was walking past the vehicle and managed to cut off her nose and tail. I ruined a totally perfect shot!

Pretty and powerful male!! (The Birmingham one).
Excellent picture.

wonderful pictures of birds I didn’t know!The week in pictures is always the bright spot of my Friday morning! Thankyou Victoria

Great variety of nesting birds!!

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