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Nick was a ranger at Londolozi from 2018 - 2022. He always had a love for nature. Growing up in Johannesburg, the annual family trip to the bush (particularly the Kruger Lowveld region of South Africa) became an escape from city life. When ...

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on The Week in Pictures #463

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Stunning pics Nick. Love the sunrise.

Hi Nick it’s always difficult to choose a picture. .. the peacefulness shared with the Xinzele female and the lion cub win this time! I always pick up sunsets but these make me forget of a bad day. Thank you!

thank you for all the gorgeous pictures. love the lions est hung the sleeping rhino! Victoria

Senior Digital Ranger

Wonderful photos and atmosphere …. love the variety of big and small especially the sleepy rhino and the lion!

As a birder, I found the tawny eagle and crowned lapwing to be quite something. And the lapwing especially.

Great pictures! I loved the leopard hanging over the branch, the Xinzele female leopard and the crowned lapwing that was full of courage! Question : those ostrich chicks are they from the same clutch that was born and documented on the blog not too long ago… There seemed to be more like 13 or so I think…are they down to only 5?

Hi Kara!
To be honset, I wasn’t here when the ostrich blog pictures were taken so I can’t be sure. I assume they’re the same family but there is a chance that there are more than one sets of ostrich chicks around. Hopefully these five little ones survive

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks Nick for taking us back to the interesting and intriguing Londolozi Bush!!!

I especially like the lapwing and her nest.

Xinzele: What a nice kitty at peace or is that “I’ll have a piece of YOU!”


What a fabulous, bird book-worthy photo of the lapwing and her nest!

Lovely gallery this week Nick! The Xinzele female photograph is especially captivating!

Nick, pics, love sunrise🤗 the cub lioness, I saved the xinzele female, I saved the rhino, I also saved the chick behind the Ostrich

Beautiful photos. I love the lapwing defending his clutch of eggs especially.

So enjoyed the variety of photos this week. The face of the Xinzele female is stunning!

Stunning photos again Nick!! Can’t decide as all brilliant… but think the crowned lapwing wins. ☺️🙏💕

Absolutely stunning photos. What a great week.
Stay well and safe all.

What a terrific TWIP!!!I love all the photos, especially the rhino sleeping in front of the lions, the .Birmingham male in the beautiful sun, the Xinzele leopard, the male ostrich and chicks, and the adorable little Ntsevu cub!

Nick they are stunningly beautiful photos. Love your composition work. My favourites are the crowned lapwing with nest and the leopard draped over the branch although I also love the rhino and the Flat Rock male.

Thanks Nick! We loved the update and especially the Lapwing protecting the nest! Interesting how the egs blend in. Really nice images of the Xinzele female and of course the Ntsevu cub!

Wonderful week in pictures! The photo stand outs for me are the lapwing with her eggs, that powerful stance of the Flat Rock male, showing the size juxtaposition of the white rhino and lion, and the majesty of the Birmingham male lion.

Wonderful pictures , changing of the colours with a lot of green, cool

Just what I needed today as I have such angst over Tuesday in AZ.

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