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Nick was a ranger at Londolozi from 2018 - 2022. He always had a love for nature. Growing up in Johannesburg, the annual family trip to the bush (particularly the Kruger Lowveld region of South Africa) became an escape from city life. When ...

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on African Wild Dogs vs. Lone Wildebeest

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Kudos for thé wildebeest! I don’t know why they are considered ugly. They aren’t! I watched documentaries on zebra and after hyenas and lions wild dogs were after them too. Perhaps because they were exhausted after the migration or were they looking for younger animals?

Amazing photos of the wild dogs running down the airstrip. Great sighting.

Senior Digital Ranger

That was an amazing story. I held my breath as I thought the lone wildebeest would become zero wildebeest. Go wildebeest! Lives to see another day …

If you haven’t heard it already, ask Tracker Sersant about his wildebeest vs. lion story!

Nick, Great to see your post! What a great view you had of the wild dogs. At first we were afraid for the Wildebeest, but he is so much bigger than the dogs. Good for him! Do you ever see herds of wildebeest like you sometimes have Cape Buffalo?

Master Tracker

On the Serengetti they often hunt wildebeest, many years I was privileged to watch Jonathan Scott do a presentation on the painted wolves. His photos won Wildlife Photographer Of The Year.

Wildebeest are a common prey, and the first time I saw wild dogs they had killed a wildebeest and been driven off by lions . The wildebeest was neatly disemboweled

Hi Ian, that must have been an incredible sighting. You are correct, in east Africa wild dogs do hunt wildebeest but it is not very common in the Kruger area due to the wide availability of smaller antelope.

Nick, I saved the wild dogs got sick of wildebeest🤗

Viewing the Great Migration in Tanzania was a once in a lifetime experience!
We did see an encounter between a group of wild dogs and wildebeests. Lots of noise and an occasional flash of bravado as each semi-charged the other. It made for some great video!

What an exciting encounter. Amazing that the wildebeest stayed so calm and didn’t rush off.

Surprising with so many Wild Dogs they couldn’t have a go at it. I guess it’s not worth risking injury or death with a much larger animal. Love those Dogs!

You can watch theFast Five kill wildebeest if you like such sort of video

That was fascinating! Even though the wildebeest was too much for the pack of wild dogs, you have to give them props for giving it a go! All’s well that ends well, at least for the moment!

Amazing sighting!!!

Must have been fun to watch! Have to say I am glad the wildebeest survived to fight another!! Thank you always fun to see the wild dogs I. action. Victoria

A definite win for the wildebeest. Amazing photography Nick and interesting story. I must say I thought the poor wildebeest was doomed and scanned the photographs to see the outcome before I read the commentary. Hate to see the underdog lose.

I think that “who would win” between predators and prey depends also on prey availability and “culture”. For example there is a video on YouTube showing a pack of wild dogs taking down an adult zebra, but in Kruger I don’t think things like that commonly occur. Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-p1naUexS_E

Hi Gabriele, that is exactly right. Wild dogs in the southern Kruger catch wildebeest on the odd occasion but impala make up at least 70% of their diet.

Hi Nick – do you know abou the Fast Five? I wrote an excellent report by experts that have followed them since their birth. Its amazing and go beyond all what biologists knew about cheetah behaviour. As an ethologist I am so interested in seeing how animals – predators and prey- adapt their behaviour to natural changes- or, better, chances…

Sorry I wrote “wrote ” but I meant read…

I love that pic of wildebeest seemingly trotting along with wild Dog. Such savior-faire!

Interesting article, Nick! And good pics to go with it. Now you know the answer about a Wildebeest and a pack of Wild Dogs! Impala is much more their size. Thanks, Nick. Wendy M

An unusual but exciting afternoon Nick. Just loved the black and white photo of the Wild dogs and wildebeest with that stunning back drop 🙏🏻💕

Digital Tracker

Wow! What extraordinary pictures!!!

Hi Nick
So glad to see you back at Londolozi!
This may be dumb question, but what happens if an event like you witnessed is occurring when a plane is on final approach to land at the airstrip? Do the animals scatter?

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