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on New Ostrich Chicks

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Fantastic. Hope they stay safe this time.

Such great news! Is this the original lone ostrich female?


James, I loved the ostrich chicks, I saved the ostrich chicks barely ankle height to adults, and I saved the ostrich chicks combined clutch of 23🤗

Hello James , big thank you for the update on the delightful ostrich chicks! Their parents are imposing birds and with such big eyes with eyelashes to protect them they look charming. The chicks are irresistible! From a conservative point of view I’m so glad you’ve got such precious birds over there. Maybe the father has more strength and is more effective in keeping predators off? Hopefully hyenas will not raid them. I look forward to further news on the new brood!

Wishing them the very best luck!

Amazing growth rate! Great photos!

Beautiful pictures and a wonderful narrative. Some good news would be well received. Here’s hoping for those ostrich chicks🤞

Oh wow those are cute! That’s great news and I hope some of these mature into adulthood!!

Yes, you are right, 2020 is indeed overdue to deliver some goodness. And the news of these chicks is so wonderful. I hope that at least half of them will reach adulthood.

Enjoyed the story about the Ostrich family and the chicks … You all have the best jobs – yes I know nothing is perfect in this life and everything has challenges but overall your job is thrilling and uplifting and I am happy for all of you and grateful that you can share with us !!! I look forward to every Blog with more beautiful scenery and animals. Thank you!!!!!!

So adorable and so exciting to see the babies and we agree that any good news these days is so very welcome. hank you for the uplifting and hopeful blog today. Hoping you all stay well and safe.

Senior Digital Ranger

Why is it that you can always see the “Femaleness” of an animal in the wild? I find it interesting that there’s just something amidst the sweetness in a female’s face that gives way to being able to detect that they are “A mother.” (At last true when noticing a lioness and an Ostrich.)

Thanks for such a precious and rare sighting!… gorgeous…. they’ll need a great deal of luck to survive, but really hoping like mad that they do!….

Digital Tracker

Wonderful news!

James, any idea what the success rate is for ostrich pairs raising chicks in general and in an environment like Londolozi and the Sabi Sands? Also, as a young American who dreams of becoming a guide and who loves following the stories of the animals of the Sabi Sands, any advice you would recommend on how to overcome the number of obstacles an international has in doing that (post-COVID of course)?

James, this is the perfect follow up to Guy’s blog and video. The chicks are adorable and hopefully will survive this time. SabiSabi has just posted photos of a pair of ostriches with a clutch of chicks following them during a game drive with their guests. Must be the season!

Master Tracker

2020 is definitely thin on good news …

Let us hope that some ostriches make it.

It sounds as if the grasslands are becoming a more interesting area.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks so very much for the wonderful news of the latest addition to the Londolozi wilderness.amazing pics

Great news James! It would be wonderful to see that family grow safely!

Amazing news!!!

Senior Digital Ranger

Ostrich chicks very encouraging addition to the area.praying they mature well into adulthood.

Senior Digital Ranger

Amazing images ,excellent photography presentation.greatly helps us easily understand

Senior Digital Ranger

how many families of the ostriches are documented in the londolozi wilderness

Only one clutch so far resulted in successful adults

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful pictures

Happy news and may they all survive to roam the Londolozi grasslands! The short video of the chicks made me smile, smile. I do remember the inquisitive lone female….

Hi James. Do Ostriches mate for life? Sometimes one sees a male Ostrich with a harem of ladies. Not quite sure about this. Lovely pics! Wendy M

How wonderful to see! Thanks for sharing, James!

Awesome — hope they safe!

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