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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Leopard Outside My Office

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Beautiful glimpse of a male Leopard. I am sure “too close for comfort” is a good thing to keep in mind!!! I understand the circle of life …the animals have to eat to survive but the harshness of it does affect me emotionally. I am here in my office on Long Island, New York so I am removed except for your Blog which enjoy immensely. I keep in mind one of my favorite books, The award winning Cry of the Kalahari- Delia Owens and her husband Mark. The balance of nature is a false concept ….the “flux of nature” is closer to reality. “We have to accept responsibility for what we’re doing,” he said, “and not just say that nature will take care of it.” National Geographic article. As you can see, I am very interested in the overall topic…thank you for this wonderful Blog and I appreciate being able to respond every day….what a treat!!!!

Wow! Awfully close to the office!! We have often seen the little antelopes near our cabins, but never the loss of one. Victoria

What an amazing experience. You are so blessed to be right next to these gorgeous animals. I enjoy your articles so much and of course the Virtual tours which are also spectacular. Keep up the good work.. something to see when we are still “Being Safe”. Regards Tina

Lucky sighting.

James, What a world you live in! You never know what you will wake up to! 😉

That is so very amazing and always a little nerve racking you may bump into anything at anytime just in camp!

James, I saved the Leopard in the bushbuck🤗


My office window was a port hole in the galley, from which my sea view changed constantly. Now that I have retired I’d just love to have yours !! Wow what luck to have seen the Misava male 🙏💕

Very cool James! And amazing that you keep such accurate records of the spot patterns, etc!

Lovely to see a young leopard hunting and doing well as they navigate the bush and their home ranges…

Hi, it’s sad to see a young baby dying without even experiencing a single week of life; at the same time a trusting leopard coming so close and considering your camp as a safe place is amazing. I will never stop being in awe in front of such incredible intelligent and wonderful animals.

Leopard outside your office-James. Sean’s room last time.
I have only seen hyenas walking through the camp.

Ahh, my dream, to discover a leopard on my deck, relaxing on a chaise lounge😎

Senior Digital Ranger

WOW! Amazing! .. Despite how many times you have been up to close with cats in the bush, the unexpected must have made your heart pump, while at the same time be one of those moments to be taken in by the breath taking sight of the Leopard!
Your sighting brings memories of when I was a little girl growing up in the upper undeveloped area of Angeles Crest Hwy (in Los Angeles). – There were wild Peacocks that would come roaming down our street. – When I’d get up in the morning, the Queen of the flock would be perched atop this HUGE Birch tree that was in our backyard. The Queen with her long flowing tail of feathers was almost as long in length as the tree itself. She was SO Majestic! Some mornings, there would be a dense fog, that made the queen’s presence ethereal and mystical feeling. I could see portions of the massive peacock amidst the fog floating about around her. Added to it all, was hearing her pronounced echoing call! It was like something out of a movie that I’ll never forget! .. Collectively, I can’t imagine what it felt when seeing a Leopard outside your window!
This brings to mind James, as I recall, weren’t you greeted by a Scorpion while walking through the office a week or so ago? I would gather to say that your life at Londolozi is anything but Ho-Hum!

How lucky you are that you can spot leopards and other animals right in front of your windows. Poor little bushbuck, though. It really is eat and being eaten in the bush.

Would love to see that out my window!

Senior Digital Ranger

The perfect reward of not interfering or altering natural habitats is that amazin memories are signed,sealed and delivered to your very door step. beautiful blog indeed .thumbs up team londolozi for awesome job in ensuring land Conservation lets animals feel at home in thy environs

How great is that! Spot a spot from your workspace!!

Slightly more interesting than the view from my office window!

Senior Digital Ranger

It would be even more amazing if I would see it here in our garden !
Then I would be completely convinced that the climate is warming up:)

Lucky guy!

A young male leopard just outside of your office… a fortuitous sighting indeed!

Interesting indeed! But a little too close for comfort I should think. Wendy M

Senior Digital Ranger

What an emotional roller coaster….heartbreaking and thrilling all on one moment

Senior Digital Ranger

The tree outside my office is home to a pair of Wood hoopoe… so you win!

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