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Guy worked as a ranger for Londolozi from 2017 until the end of 2021. He grew up in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. From a young age he visited the bush each holiday. It was during these early years that his passion and interest was ...

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on Ostrich Dust Bath

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Interesting blog Guy. Love the video.

Interesting reading and beautiful visuals. Thank you.

Guy, I loved the photos, especially oxpecters, and the white fronted bee eaters🤗

Senior Digital Ranger

powerful & informative indeed the way you presented on preening exhibited by birds.

Senior Digital Ranger

lmages very very beautiful and hugely help one to quickly understand the message portrayed

Senior Digital Ranger

Bee eaters enmasse image is very beautiful.

Senior Digital Ranger

I found the piece on Ostrich lacking that preening oil is very enlightening.thank you

Hello Guy, thank for for the lovely video! Ostrich are impressive birds, they are quite interesting from a behavioural point of view and are just spectacular! Any news about new chicks?

Looks more like it’s doing an exotic dance ….beautiful and practical 😊

We saw this behavior 2 years ago and assumed they were providing cover for chicks. Thanks for the update!

We met the female ostrich in 2015 prior to her finding her mate. She had taken a particular liking to our ranger Don, so I was able to photograph some great pictures. So much so that when we moved to the next location we watched a group of zebra looking off in the distance in tandem, they were watching her approach to visit Don some more!!! Great photo of the zebra at the watering hole looking off together as well.

Senior Digital Ranger

Great info, and great photo work! The color of the sky/sun behind the ostriches makes it so beautiful. And all the little touches of color on the other birds… lovely

Great footage with that African sky as a backdrop Guy. Last time I saw Ostrich dust bathing was in the Western Cape. Incredible to watch,as you said ❤️🙏

Senior Digital Ranger

This is so beautiful, thank you for sharing this with us. I see birds dust bathing & now I know why they do. Thank you Guy for this explanation & lovely pictures ❤️

Great bird photos and video of the ostriches, Guy! The white -fronted bee-eaters are such lovely birds.

I didn’t know about dust-bathing – fascinating!

Digital Tracker

Beautiful video with the sun setting behind!

Senior Digital Ranger

Summer and winter preening behavioural adaptations are really fascinating.birds have surely evolved tactically prowess.

Senior Digital Ranger

birding simplified greatly and supporting images crystal clear

Very cool information, and seemingly counterintuitive – getting dirty to get clean!!! But your explanation makes complete sense, taken from the birds’ perspectives!! Thanks!

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful video of ostrich dust bathing.nature never dissapoints

Master Tracker

More ostriches and cheetahs please. Nice post. Never thought of it.

Any (good…) news of the chicks on the property? Thank you Guy.

Senior Digital Ranger

Always wonderful to welcome new life to Londolozi…. Such amazing creatures! And why is it once again the male is sooooo spectacular in plumage compared to the female🥴truly beautiful

There’s always something new to learn so thank you for educating us. I watch birds here use the birdbath daily, but have never seen dust bathing! Something to look for next year!

Guy, Thanks for the education! We learn something new every morning when the blog arrives! 🙂


Interesting! Ostriches are really fascinating creatures!

This is an outstanding shot with that background. Great composition.

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