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Guy worked as a ranger for Londolozi from 2017 until the end of 2021. He grew up in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. From a young age he visited the bush each holiday. It was during these early years that his passion and interest was ...

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on The Mhangeni Pride’s Two Cubs

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Wonderful to see new Mhangene cubs. I still remember the first cubs they’ve had. Great to see the pride still doing well.

Oh what a wonder those tiny babies are, so defenceless and lovely! A conservation plan is great news. No wonder the lionesses we’re nervous about elephants as they could easily kill the cubs. Who are the males of the pride- are they strong enough to protect their family from rival attacks? Long life to the kings…

The dominant male of the mhangeni pride is the male of othawa, son of the manjigilanes and possibly grandson of the mapogos. He is lonely, so he is in danger if a stronger coalition arrives, however he is a young and very large lion, one of the most beautiful I have seen, I hope he will succeed in his reign. I would like the blog to give more news about him and the males from birmingham.

Aha thank you for the fresh news Adriel! I’ve seen documentaries on Mapogo and Majingilane, surely strong genes and wonderful animals. Also particularly smart if I think of Makulu behaviour and his great success

Senior Digital Ranger

What a series of wonderful and moving photographs, seeing the interaction of the cubs and lionesses. Very precious. Thank you for sharing on this grey and gloomy autumnal UK day.

Oh this Pride and their Cubs ….sometimes I can’t find the words …. you mentioned that you feel that way sometimes…it is emotional for me …. I used to get the same “in awe” feeling when I looked at my sons when they were little ….or saw them for the very first time and held them in my arms. I feel connected to all Living Things ….emotionally, intellectually, physically when touch is possible….tears come to my eyes ….I am not a crazy “tree hugger but one of my favorite books is “The Secret Life of Trees (if you haven’t read it …do so – your drives in your vehicles all around will have a new impact on you)….I will visit every day….your photography is just wonderful. Thank you …..so much and Blessings.

Fantastic “family” photos. One of the most appreciated photos we have hanging in our home is one of lion cubs–some sleeping and some staring at us.

Adorable! (sorry Guy, I mean the cubs, not you!)

Great pictures. Love the babies… 🙂

These photos are just sooo great! There is nothing lovelier and cuter than lion, leopard and cheetah cubs. I love them all. And how relaxed the females seem to be in the first 2 pictures. Like royalty.

Wow!! I am shaking just reading the story and viewing the great pics. Cannot wait to return to your magnificent lodge and reserve…next year. Thank you for your great post. May these cubs be safe.

How wonderful to capture the affection between mother and cubs. So very lovely and the photos were amazing!!! (as well as the narrative)!!!

Super photos of the Mhangeni newcomer’s 🙏💕thanks so much Guy for sharing them with us !

Guy, I loved all the photos, especially one cubs🤗

Master Tracker

It does show the importance of being able to get an eye level shot

Digital Tracker

Beautiful pics of mum and cubs. Is it just me or does mum look very skinny, looks like her ribs are sticking out? I hope she’s ok!

Senior Digital Ranger

New members highlight sustainability, conservative progress and most importantly thats great news for the ecosystem.

Thanks Guy! I absolutely love Lion cubs… Finding them when they are tiny enough and still sort of meowing is just perfection, they are so full of antics that it is a dream to watch!

So adorable and how exciting to have so much time with them!! thanks for sharing! Victoria

What an exciting development! Do keep us abreast of their progress!!

Senior Digital Ranger

eye level shots exhibit awesome photography prowess

Hi Guy, great blog entry and photos! Are the cubs the offspring of one of the older lionesses (one of the three original females) or one of the two younger adult females (offspring of the Majingilanes)? I know the sixth female is the young sub-adult daughter of the Birminghams and not yet sexually mature

Great to see a new adorable generation of Mangheni lions!

Senior Digital Ranger

As much as I look forward to receiving the Londolozi blog on a daily basis, seeing what’s been captured amidst the day, (each day) is like being able to take a 10 minute vacation – safari venture across the globe. A day in the life of South Africa is such a treat and a shift from everyday life in America. –
Within all the animals captures on film in the bush, I could not agree with you more Guy! See the lionesses and their new cubs truly does bring about a special sense of excitement. – When you’re a Feline lover, the lions always holds a special place in my heart as it is. What comes to mind is, that when you have a (domesticated cat) you love to cuddle them and kiss them on the nose and talk to them.
When you see the lionesses and their cubs lounging about, the first thing I notice is the expressions on their faces. I can’t help but think, “OHHWW, big ol lazy happy kitties!” I just wish I could sit with them and hug them and kiss them on the nose. (Like I would with my kitty)
Of course, the reality becomes, that I realize that you boyz got your pictures most like by that of a telephoto lens, in that you can’t get real up close to them, yet they still allow you to take their pictures. .. And ironically, you were able to get amazing shots showing their true expressions and feelings. Seeing the bond between the mother lioness and her cub is so touching, as it nourishes one’s (human) sense of being. – The human exchange of love is similar to a lioness, yet not. By sight, Human exchange is normal to us. When we don’t share and exchange human affection, we are left deprived. Almost malnourished.
Being able to view the bond between the mama Lioness and her cub infuses a profound sense of affection and love, since many lose connection with what love looks like and feels like. Your pictures, (and all the rangers pictures) are so fulfilling and enriching.
Thank you.

Senior Digital Ranger

Love hearing about the Mhangeni/Tsalala Breakaway Pride. It is nice to the continuation of the Tsalalas even if they don’t carry the name. Thank you for sharing.

Guy, These images are priceless! We love seeing the cubs too and hope to see more of them!

Love the photos, especially the one with the lioness resting her head on top of the cub’s head! So adorable! Thanks for sharing!

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