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on Virtual Safari: The Week in Video #28

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Lovely videos this week.

Senior Digital Ranger

Edge of seat stuff … loved today’s Londo week in pictures. Thank you!

James, I loved the video🤗

James, wild dogs pups, I loved the lion cubs, and the giraffes fighting🤗

What a wonderful Sunday morning present!! It is always fabulous to see the wild dogs and to catch that large elephant herd was great!! love éléphants ! Loved the leopard playing on the rock for a bit!! Thank you! Victoria

Another excellent virtual safari. When we visited we saw two younger giraffe bulls play fighting. It was really interesting to watch, although not nearly as violent as this clash. Very cool. I’m glad neither was injured (this time).

A great video beginning to end!
I loved the Wild Dog interaction when the lone Dog gets swamped by pups, then jumps out of the swarm, and nips at them like “ hey settle down all of you “ …..too cute!
Giraffe interaction was amazing too – wow!
Looking forward to more videos and welcome back to your guests !

I’m interested to know whether this is the same wild dog pack that were on Djuma a couple of weeks ago (12th) that we saw on Wildearth Sunset Safari with pups. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi Frances, not too sure bu they may well have been. Do you know how many pups were there?
There were 11 in this pack.

There were eleven – which is why I wondered!
https://youtu.be/vsCUBPLejVk …. in the last hour

WOW! What a video of giraffe! What happened in the end? Did the female mate with her first partner or have things changed? I found the female leopard rolling upside down irresistible! Beautiful view of elephants, lions with cute cubs and wild dogs- honestly I’d be a bit nervous among so many of them: they’re so quick and just rip what they get they don’t give up hunting easily .
Spectacular view also of nature waking up in green

Brilliant videos this week! This collection ranks in my top 3 favorites of all you’ve posted thus far. I’m happy to know you’re continuing this series, whilst guest’s are returning. Will you be seeing international visitors as the information posted by South Africa’s government is not definitive?

Hi Denise,
Unfortunately we’re still waiting for the list of which countries South Africa will be opening its borders to.
Best regards

A great week! Fantastic videos of the wild dogs and all the other animals.

Great video —- loved seeing the wild dog pups and the Giraffe fight. The leopard was just stunning

Senior Digital Ranger

Wild dog tail posture reflects different scenarios or moods.Contact calling to a large extent goes go a long way in stabilizing pack.They adopt a wide ranging vocal directory which l feel does improve the pack.

Quite a week in video posting!! The drama of it all is absolutely fantastic, particularly those giraffes. That said, I just can’t get enough of the wild dogs!! Thanks all. Ahh, and the very best news is that you’ll be continuing to post as things open up over there. It really is the best part of my cyber-day!!

Digital Tracker

Fantastic video, I loved seeing the herd of elephants near the water – great to see there’s still a bit of water around nearing the end of the dry season. The leopard was beautiful too as well as the baby lion cubs and wild dog pups, such a treat thank you!!

Wow! Lovely Wild Dog sighting! Great virtual safari!

What GREAT news to know that we will continue to listen to the sound of the bushveld and enjoy your drives. What a week it’s been with that wonderful last few minutes with the Wild dog pups coming so close, the beautiful pride and their gorgeous cubs, the stunning afternoon with the Xinzele leopard and graceful giraffe that give the impression they are being ever so polite while fighting. Roll on the next stunning week.!!! 🙏🏻❤️❤️

This was an awesome video…enjoyed every moment. Kudos to all involved.

Watched this episode this morning, such an incredible compilation of sightings!!!

Loving the videos here in lockdown Ireland! Would a big Leopard attempt to attack the wild dog pups if left unattended?

Hi John, very likely yes, which is why the adults usually try and leave a baby-sitter or two with them. But if unattended they are very vulnerable. We have seen a leopard kill one before even when the pup was trotting WITH the adults.

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