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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Hyenas vs. Vultures

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Amazing sighting and experience.

Glad nothing ever goes to waste out there!

Stunning pictures James. Gruesome as it is, it is really amazing to watch a scene like this.

Love your Blog and watch it every morning but the bloody feast is hard for me to look at. I know they all have to survive but its brutality is so harsh. I’m not a ‘powder puff’ female ….I just have a very sensitive heart and I feel everything deeply .,. I have very high EQ … that’s the cool definition these days.

Amazing photos.

I am relieved that the dead animal was not eaten alive by hyenas. Are there males around too or is it a clan of females with young ones only? Great pictures of the vultures, Cape vultures should be treasured as those animals have such an important ecological role. It must have been exciting to be in the middle of the chaos!

James, I loved all the photos🤗

What an incredible scene! I can only image how chaotic and rapidly evolving it was. We’re you able to capture any video James? Hopefully for a future post on IG or “Week in Videos” post!!

James, I saved the photo vulture trying grab hyena

Senior Digital Ranger

Fantastic pictures James

What an exciting and dramatic scene. With such an abundance of carrion, it almost seems the vultures and hyenas semi-tolerate each other’s presence. I wonder what a fuss a pride of lions might make if it decided to participate.

Incredible shots James! ‘Chaos’ topping the list..quite a bizarre shot as at a first glance, it looks as though the hyena has become half vulture! It must have been incredible to watch and would have made an amazing video. 🙏🏻💕

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow! The energy at a sighting like that must be overwhelming…
Every hair on my body would be standing up!
And I know the calm that comes after is so serine…. I love the passion of Londolozi
Amazing photos… Thank you

Unbelievable sighting and great pictures, I hope we see some video this weekend!

Senior Digital Ranger

EE-Ho! Craziness!! Those are some critical pictures! They truly capture the upclose true “Day in the life of the Bush!

James, what an incredible sighting and great photos. Between the hyenas and the vultures, It seems no other predator or opportunists would have had a chance to feed on this hippo. You always bring us interesting reports from your daily journeys and I so appreciate the updates.

Senior Digital Ranger

The good old food chain! Rather gory but some amazing photos, especially of “the scattering” which also capture the enormous strength of Hyena.

Senior Digital Ranger

Nature’s very own undertakers will efficiently clean the ecosystem with great determination & vigour. Love the way these two scavengers are playing their natural waste disposal roles.

Senior Digital Ranger

Great to see the rare cape vulture mixin it up with the bigger boys.Those cape vultures are a true natural treasure

Senior Digital Ranger

l noted that vultures have a feeding hierachy which also is according to adaptations for feeding ie beaks have different strength as not all vultures can rip open carcasses meaning they always have to await the lappet faced to do the official opening or breaking open the carcass , albeit the white backed arriving first.

Senior Digital Ranger

Vultures and Spotted hyeana both have very complex , specialised digestive enzymes that actively neutralise any potential harmful pathogens found in carcass.their stomach lining has acidic components which help dissolve any potential harmful stuff in their tract.

Senior Digital Ranger

Rank will always be relevant when its feeding time in hyeana whereas in Vultures its more a matter of securing an excellent position during the feeding bonanza.

Senior Digital Ranger

Vulture crop filled can usually make the bird survive up to 3days without food.l stand to be corrected this is partly due to the digestive system being self regulated by the bird , l mean if there is abundant food resources they quicken their digestion then when hard times come by they slow down their metabolism

Senior Digital Ranger

Chaos image caption is unique in that the hyena seemingly has been drowned by the vultures.Photography at its best exhibited.Every Guides wish

Senior Digital Ranger

As gory as the images seem , its only nature exhibiting its waste disposal agents cleaning the ecosystem. without them the veld would be contaminated thus bringing more diseases.

Two different cleaning crews at work – very efficiently too – and everyone benefits. That’s economy for you. Quite revolting to watch for someone who does not participate in cleaning up dead hippos! Wendy M

I posted my comment. But it does not appear to be at the end of the list below. Wendy M

Amazing series of photos!!!

Senior Digital Ranger

Which type of vultures are more abundant in the londolozi environs.Does the Lappet dominate gatherings?

Perhaps the Capies were on holiday or wintering in their summer palace? GPS not working?

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