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Having lived a majority of his life in this area, Greg is a Lowveld local. Being exposed to the bush from a young age, animals and the nature of guiding was not foreign to him. From the age of 5 he decided that ...

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on The Week in Pictures #456

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Hi Greg
Many compliments for those superb pictures taken with technique and heart. I don’t know which to choose- big cats are wonderful but also herbivores and birds. The Schotias in bloom are a charm. Did you ever take pictures of butterflies and other insects?

Your photos are lovely Greg. Love the Birmingham male and the lions walking in the road.

Hi Gregg, great pictures, loved the tiny bird trying to catch up. Who says you are not a photographer?! thank you Victoria

Greg, loved all the photos, especially cheetah dragging the impala, leopard trying to go up tree, and also lion drinking from the water🤗

Senior Digital Ranger

Really beautiful pics Greg, thank you for sharing.

Senior Digital Ranger

A lovely eclectic collection of the best moments in the bush. Thank you for sharing them.

Master Tracker

Beautiful picture, especially the Avoca and the Birmingham male, I suspect one will oust the other.

Wonderful photos Greg. Regardless of your humility, these are really great! Thanks!

Senior Digital Ranger

lovely images which tell a 1000 tales.nature undoubtedly is the best classroom.

Senior Digital Ranger

With lions does testosterone influence the desire to explore and expand territory when they stakin claim to new lands or is it purely instinctual

Bravo Greg! This is a nice compilation of images over the past two months, especially the leopard’s tail and the Birmingham male drinking. Photography in the bush is challenging and it’s with time and practice that it begins to sing for you.

Great collection. I love the birds.

Very lovely shots. I particularly enjoyed the crowned lapwing chick, stretching leopard, the Birmingham male lion drinking and a little bit eaters are always so photogenic… Among my favourite birds as well!

Greg: Good on you! We enjoyed your photos and commentary. Miss you and Equaliser and hope to ride with you all next year. Best, Pam and JoAnn from USA

Greg – these are wonderful photos – thanks for sharing them.

Super shots Greg. Have to say I’m inclined to agree with you. .just love the leopard in that golden light 🙏💕

I love your photos, Greg. My favorite are the lapwing chick and the beautiful parrot and bee-eater. However all the others are as beautiful. Every day when I read the Londolozi blog I really feel connected with it.

Digital Tracker

Beautiful pics!

How far into Londolozi have the two Avoca Males been seen and has there been any indication as to if the Birmingham Males have responded to their inroads?

Hi Michael,
They’ve been seen south-west of the Londolozi camps, but there hasn’t been any direct contact that we’re aware of…

Senior Digital Ranger

Awesome leopard image. clawing trees to signal ownership of the environs or jes sharpening the arsenal perhaps 😏.

leopard use scenting and tree clawing to advertise presence.Very efficient terrestrial, aquatic and arboreal. Add to this their versatile habitat adaptations + intelligence = Hitmen of the Wilderness 🧐

Senior Digital Ranger

l have also observed that during winter phase lion and leopard seemingly moult their coats in that the shiny attractive colour gives way to a duller tone as a result of the building up of extra fat reserves to boost the Thermoregulatory needs via reinforcement of the subcutaneous layer.thus excess oil gives the dull colour on their coats.When winter elapses they shed the extra fat reserves and restore their normal factory settings that is regain the shiny beautiful colour.l stand to be corrected

Another Amazing Week In Pictures!!!

Fine,FINE photos. I’ll wager you’re becoming more relaxed and looking at things a bit longer to GET THAT SHOT!

Wonderful photos Greg! I loved them all, but especially the little chick catching up to mom. Thank you!

Greg, so pleased to see that you have finally given in and started taking photos, pity you weren’t when we drove with you as we had the great sighting of 3 new male lions to the area and spent nearly 3 hours with the wild dogs, you could have even taken a photo of the vehicle getting stuck going down into the riverbed. (Good choice of camera as well) Yvonne & Ross x

Lions on the road, that is a framer.

Senior Digital Ranger

Please keep up the fantastic work! You have a great eye and have captured some wonderful moments! Thank you for sharing… the 2 lions walking down the road… now the doesn’t happen every day!

Hi Greg, We are a little late finding your post and are proud of you for publishing some of your favorite images! We know you are not a huge photo geek, so we are impressed that you put yourself out there! 😉 We hope you are doing well and we hope to see you on our next visit!

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