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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Giraffes and Their Creches

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Interesting blog Sean. We were fortunate to spend a few days in Kruger. I can’t remember when was the last time we have seen so many big herds of giraffe. It was lovely.

Thanks Sean! We saw some of the Giraffe on your IG video too. We were lucky to see a new calf just hours old – still stumbling around, on our 2019 visit. Super cute! Can’t be easy to get those gangly legs adjusted!

Beautiful photos and a very interesting article on giraffes’ behavior.

Very interesting! Thanks for the info on a very interesting, but often ‘overlooked’ (seems impossible to do! 🤣) species!

Very informative and interesting post Sean–as usual!

Sean, I loved all photos🤗

i adore giraffes – they look down you with those big eyes with eyelashes every woman envies. Hope all these wonderful animals stay on Londolozi for a good while! Thank you Victoria

That’s a very interesting blog, Sean. You’re certainly seeing lots of giraffe now; there was that journey of more than 15 in the weekly video blog recently, which I think JT said were all males?

Thank you giraffe are endangered animals and so striking! What a view, so many of them!

Senior Digital Ranger

I just love giraffes… they are just amazing!
Happy they are doing so well…love the photos!

Great Giraffe info!I love seeing the young ones . I would love to see one born – it’s on my safari bucket list.

Master Tracker

Thanks , a very informative post .

Fascinating information about giraffes Sean! It is always interesting to learn of the social behaviors of the animals in the bush, and how they are tied to procreation and basic survival. In a previous post on giraffes, it was noted that they can defend themselves by swinging their necks and using their horns. Is this how they defend themselves against predators, such as lions? Have you witnessed this? Let me know Sean, and thanks!

Digital Tracker

Very interesting 👍🏼

A very interesting blog indeed, Sean. We didn’t know about Giraffe creches! One never stops learning. Neil and Wendy MacNicol

Fun blog and great images, Sean! There’s nothing quite like the magic of seeing a large journey of giraffe silently make their way across the landscape. Creches were news to me, though…

Fascinating reading. Thanks Sean..so many things we learn from you all everyday 🙏💕

Fascinating blog Sean. I hadn’t known about giraffe crèches until now but it makes sense. The video shared by James T several days ago was so special, viewing the 15 bachelor giraffes! I think the norm is perhaps 2-3 hanging out so that sighting was a bonus.

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