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Guy worked as a ranger for Londolozi from 2017 until the end of 2021. He grew up in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. From a young age he visited the bush each holiday. It was during these early years that his passion and interest was ...

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on A First Morning Back to Remember

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My goodness, what a wonderful welcome back for you Guy! Think I noticed you popping up on 1 of James’ weekly videos. I did read that many of your lockdown restrictions were being lifted yesterday – does that mean you might be able to at least get some domestic travellers back?

A truly amazing experience Guy.

Welcome back. A great story to tell

What a wonderful ‘home coming’ Guy ! The arrival of the pups to the three eared pair still stands out as the most magical virtual drive for me 🙏💕 to be back in time to witness them in person I’m sure will stay with you for a very long time.

Guy, what a wonderful blog, Wild Dogs and all🤗

Wow! I got excited just reading this! Anytime you can watch wild dog puppies is a gift from God! So happy for you! But, yes, I am envious!!!

What a great :welcome back” event. Congrats!

WOW what a fabulous morning!! I am jealous! Victoria

First of all, it had to have been excruciating to be forced to leave your second home because of the Covid lockdown. What do you do, what can you do as a displaced guide? I believe you’re one of the lucky ones to return after 11 weeks and we all appreciate your contributions to the continued blogs and virtual videos, keeping us postponed visitors abreast of the activities in the bush.
To be part of the puppies observation team had to be thrilling, and as you said, a wish come true!

Senior Digital Ranger

Brilliant story Guy and thank you for sharing it. Those photos are truly amazing – with those curious little faces peering at you. I should imagine this story was the highlight of lockdown for all of Londolozi – and for us too stuck at home all over the world.

How absolutely fantastic! And the photos of those little guys are so cute. Seeing these pups is really a highlight.

Digital Ranger

Each painted wolf pup is precious, currently only about 3 000 to 5 000 wild dogs remain in the wild,stay safe litter ones!

Perfect story. Guy was the Ranger on my first visit to Londolozi. Brings back my first wildlife experience and viewing.
Looking forward to returning in the not too distant future.

What a nice welcome back gift you both experienced. I hope that these adorable pups will make it to adulthood and, judging by their size and good condition, they will do so. I hope that both of you escape this dreadful virus. Thank you for sharing this great experience with us all. Take care, be well and stay safe to all at Londolozi.

I’m still so jealous! Have you any update on them since they moved off Londolozi? – has anyone seen them on other properties?

Can’t imagine the high you must have been on …. makes the soul soar!

great Artical 👍 wild dog pups are 👌

Senior Digital Ranger

I miss hearing about this little family!

Wild dogs at a den with puppies is one of the most amazing magical things to ever experience in a Safari!

Beautiful return memories Guy! Thanks for sharing!

Senior Digital Ranger

What a fabulous morning you had on returning to Londolozi, not just to experience beautiful colours of the African Bush but your sighting of the Wild Dog pups. Lucky, lucky you!

What a special welcome back. Thank you for sharing!

how wonderful …. thank you for sharing this. you’ve lifted my spirits sky high !

Digital Ranger

Awesome pictures of the puppies. I’v been lucky to see wild dog puppies play many years ago! Amazing.

Great to read that you are back “at home” Guy. Hope everything is good with you all.

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