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on Londolozi’s Lions: Current Status

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Thank you for the update James. It is interesting to see where the prides move around.

James, what a beautiful blog today. I wondered where the lions where, five different prides of lions!🤗

Hello James! I eagerly awaited news on lions especially on Tsalala female and her cub , although males should be number one in being detected I suppose as their number decrease quicker in the wild. On World Lion Day I didn’t get that much info and news generally speaking, much more about elephants. It’s a shame and you do a great job of conservation. I am glad Tsalala mum and daughters are fine although poor leopards they have been robbed by many animals it sounds as they’re having a tough time. I wonder how many mature lions like Birmingham and Avoca are around… glad to see the wonderful images they are spectacular!

Thanks Jamo great update especially great to see the Tsalala and her cub doing well with a sound strategy

Great photos of all those lions. I like the one with the geese in the water best.
And a very interesting account of all those lions’ whereabouts.

Hi James. Lovely to hear all about the different lions and the prides. There seem to be a LOT of lions wandering around Londolozi at present! So many – and yet sometimes when looking for them it is difficult to find them! Thank you again for the interesting article and lovely pics. Wendy M

A great summary James, thanks for that! I’m trying to read back on old posts to figure out what happened to the Manjingilane males .

Thank you, I love to get these updates

Thank you for this update!! Interesting to see that the Nkuhuma’s are moving onto Londolozi more and more now.

Senior Digital Ranger

OH Goodness! You’ll have to forgive me for my thought, but, as a cat lover, .. You can’t help but see grown lionesses and lions cub “baby years” in their facial expressions, similar to what is seen and experienced in everyday domestic cats. – Despite what lions are in the wild, in the bush, you can’t help but sometimes see “cuteness” in them, to think and say,..”They’re just big kitties!”

Great writing James! I had no idea there were that many prides at Londolozi. Just wondering about the Tsalala female… how did she come to be on her own? I saw the footage of her being attacked and it was terrifying to watch. I am impressed that she has managed to raise a cub and survive… but if the Birmingham Males stop protecting her then what are her chances of survival? I look forward to hearing of her progress! Do you and the other Rangers have a favourite lion or Pride?

James this brings such joy to my heart. Thank you

Digital Tracker

Thanks so much for sharing! Very interesting, look forward to hearing more about it!

An interesting run down on the lion dynamics James. Seems too bad that you have no visitors right now to be able to see all these cats. I hope that they are getting a handle on controlling the virus so that everyone can get back to some normality, although I doubt that the new normal will be like our old one. Thanks for sharing with us. Take care, be well and stay safe all of you at Londolozi.

Hi James, super thanks for the update on the lion dynamics! Keeping fingers crossed/thumbs held for the Tsalala Lioness and her daughter going forward and also exciting that it is the Ntsevu female who was thought to be infertile that is the new mother. Nature always has a way surprising us! With no large prides in the southern Sabi Sands, I personally hope the Styx might be able to establish themselves there in the coming months. There is only one young Nkuhuma Male from the pride’s last set of cubs, but the current nine youngsters are six males, three females. It will be interesting to see how 2/3 of the Northern Avoca Males approach the two Birminghams, since the numbers game is even, although the Birminghams have more experience as territorial males. The big threat to the Birminghams, I feel, are the four young N’waswishaka Males down south. There’s also three young males in the western sector that are being seen more often, so it will definitely be interesting to see how things play out within the rest of 2020

Nice wider context deal there Michael. Interesting stuff!


Great reading James, feel for the Tsalala lioness and her cub, there seems to be splitting and movement amongst the ranks and prides that might endanger their future survival. 🙏💕

The image of the lion walking past the signs at the camp is thrilling.
Great shot of the lion leaping over the river!

I don’t think I truly realized how many prides you have ! It will be interesting to see how all of them play out! Hope you all continue to be safe! Thankyou Victoria

I’m so appreciative of this lion update. There seems to be fluidity within the area as other prides are showing up more regularly. It’s still amazing that the Tsalala female has managed to raise her cub to juvenile status on her own. Her perseverance and “street smarts” have truly paid off. More cubs for the Ntsevu pride! Hard to believe they’re all still together – so many mouths to feed at 20 strong! And then there’s the Mhagene pride, accompanied by the Othawa male, roaming back and forth from Singita to Londolozi……lots to track!

Completely fascinating and wonderful overview of the Londolozi loin prides, especially for this relative new comer to the community!! Thanks James!

Digital Ranger

Nice insight on the five prides of lion’s in Londolozi. I am now looking forward to all the details of the individual prides in the coming weeks.

Thanks for the update James. We are always amazed at the huge prides that we run into at Londolozi. It’s just amazing to see them come up over an opening – just moving towards you one after the other! Great to hear that Tsalala is still surviving!

Digital Ranger

thank for posting this

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