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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on When No One’s Watching….

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Wow! Amazing. It just show what happen out in the bush. The reserves are so big, it is just impossible to be everywhere to see the action. Luckily there are cameratraps. I must agree seeing it for yourselve can’t really compare.

You will definitely get another chance! Love seeing it even if it was trail cam pics! No worries! Your weekly virtual Game Drives are great!

Awww so much action in Londolozi we’ll never know of… but luckily there’s you over there! Buffalo are such powerful animals young lions must be scared but hunger wins… a very hard battle!

James, You can’t be at all places at once! Verry cool that the camera trap caught all that action in full daylight!

Master Tracker

Fascinating, have you put a camera in the grasslands where the cheetahs are to see if you can catch a glimpse of a serval , caracal or wildcat?

What you capture on video makes it seem that it’s always so “busy.” Unfathomable–what really goes on day and night,

Better luck next time for the Lions and the Rangers!

Digital Ranger

Loved the story you told about these photos.

Well, it really was a bit of bad luck that nobody was there. At least you have got those photos, which are great, by the way. That’s how I sometimes feel on a safari: what have I missed? But there is- as you have said – so much going on that one can’t be everywhere.

Senior Digital Ranger

Absolutely amazing… you can just feel the energy… great footage no matter how it came to be!

You feel sorry you were not there… Needless to say, ME TOO !!!!

James, I loved all the photos🤗, especially the one with herd of buffalo!

Certainly disappointing to miss this encounter in person but it just goes to prove that you can’t be everywhere, therefore the Trail Cam is a fantastic aide to catch animals on the move/hunting. Did the pride eventually catch and kill a Buffalo?

Count yourselves lucky, and us for that matter, to have all the modern tech these days. Fabulous that you can camcord, record, video, radio and share it with us all. Gone are the days when one relied entirely on tracks and sounds in the bush. Incredible footage thanks again 🙏💕💕

Senior Digital Ranger

Those web cam photos are so dramatic and indeed it certainly all happens when we’re not looking. You actually see more of the ‘action’ on the camera shots than in real life. In real life the action is dramatic but there’s no time to see the expressions on the animal’s faces and appreciate the sheer bulk of the buffalo and the texture of the lion’s fur or mane. Fantastic to see. Thank you for sharing.

Digital Ranger

Nice to see the sub-adults participate more and more to hunt, even the youngest cub…Such a brave small one! Stay safe

Very frustrating not being there in person at the time! But the Camera certainly told a story all by itself! Wendy M


what’s that old song “Don’t roller skates in a buffalo herd”? I see a few similarities here. Victoria

Incredible! Even though no one was actually present, the sills convey the action of this hunt attempt!

I love watching the sub adults learning to hunt. I always try to see how they are communicating. I would guess that once a younger lion has a success at one particular part of the hunt, that they feel strong about that and use their new skill again and again. Still, that nonverbal communication is just so amazing.

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow, that would have been an adrenaline filled drive, if only….. Thank you for sharing

Digital Ranger

The youngest male cub has a tough time, growing up among 14 big cousins, but he will be also strongest in the future.

Senior Digital Ranger

Buffalo & Lion war games are a permanent fixture on the wild bastions of the savanna.Lion success aint guaranteed whenever they pursue buffalo.Natures black angel of death has many a time killed/maimed lions.

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