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on Did You Know That Giraffes Eat Bones?

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I have seen giraffe , on more than one occasion adopting exactly the same stance and method when eating pods from a sausage tree

Very interesting and well explained. And cool pictures, especially the video clip at the beginning of the article.

Interesting blog Pete.

Senior Digital Ranger

Great blog today Pete, thank you. That is definitely something I didn’t know and I always appreciate learning something new, I’ll certainly look out for it in the future.

I watched a documentary on Ruaha: over there there was a lion pride that killed giraffes. When an individual found a co specific bones it observed it slowly, sniffed at them, turned them up and down. Perhaps it realized it was one of its species… who knows. It actually didn’t chewed it but showed interests – alike you see in elephants, hippos, cheetah and lions etc. Also hares in winter time sometimes eat co specific bodies in order to get minerals and other nutrients; for the same reason deer sometimes eat small birds .Very interesting, I truly admire and love giraffe. Thanks for the news on these amazing animals.

Thanks for the new information, Pete. I never knew this or saw the behavior. Instinct is amazing!

Interesting read. I would live more posts about giraffes, I feel like know little about them but find them super interesting.

Fascinating Pete but certainly makes sense. Had to laugh at the thought of a giraffe eating a giraffe bone though ! Thanks again 🙏🏻💕

I’ve found this a fascinating addition to their diet. One would suppose its augmenting their calcium level but I never considered phosphorus. I’ve seen this once in SabiSand…..

Pete, I did know that giraffes eat bones🤗

what sort of teeth do they have !?

A very interesting blog Pete, thank you for sharing. You certainly do learn something every day until the day you die. I didn’t know that about giraffes, but it does make sense because of their extremely large skeletal system and poor nourishment in the winter months. Thanks again. Take care, be well and stay safe evryone.

Master Tracker

Was this on the ground in Londolozi called Ilkley Moor Bah Tat ?

You will have to look it up , though many British guests will understand

Wow, this is utterly fascinating! Brilliant how nature, in this case, giraffes, intuitively know how to get the nutrients they need to survive, and hopefully, thrive! Thanks Pete!

Digital Ranger

Wow that is bug news,thanks for the sharing

Pete, Thanks for the education! We have never seen that happen, but your explanation makes perfect sense!

I have seen giraffes eating bones, but I thought it was the calcium they needed. Never thought of Phosphorus. Thanks for the explanation, Pete! Wendy M

I think I witnessed this once in Botswana.

Thank you

Senior Digital Ranger

very powerful and enlightening giraffe presentation.appreciated

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