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Mashaba 3:3 Female

Mashaba 3:3 Female

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on Has the Mashaba Female Already Lost Her Cub?

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I really hope the cub is still alive. It was so interesting to learn about the male interaction so it will be very sad to guess that he eventually killed the cub.

Good luck Mashaba lady we keep our fingers crossed!

I do hope the cub is still alive. Will the Senegal Bush male be the culprit if the cub was killed? Will he kill his own cub if he is the father?

Thank you so much for keeping us updated. The patience and skill that goes into what you all do is very much appreciated.

Fingers and toes crossed! – but she has been so unlucky with her litters since she had Ximungwe. Dudley Riverbank was 14 when she had Ndzanzeni (has she been seen at all , haven’t seen her mentioned on the blogs for ages) so she may still have a little more time?

Hoping for a good outcome for this mama and her baby

James, We appreciate the update on the cub! We will hope for a similar outcome as we saw with the wild dog pups! Fingers crossed for good news!

Senior Digital Ranger

I know it is not uncommon for males to kill cub (even their own) but I hope she has managed to keep this one.. She doesn’t have a good record for raising cubs.. Much like the late female Shadow of the Northern Sands, whose only cub to survive was Sindile.

Fascinating stuff and so great you guys were able to document most of it! Hoping you find the cub alive and well in the next couple of days🤞🏼.

James, wonderful blog today, I wonder how she got suckle marks?

Sending best intentions to the Mashaba female and her cub. This has been an astonishing story to follow and will be looking forward to updates!

Hoping for a good outcome for her and the cub!

Another nail-biter for us to ponder. Does she or doesn’t she still have her cub? I’m wondering if it’s plausible that if the cub is/was a male, would the Senagal Bush male kill him to prevent his reaching maturity? Anyway, keep searching and come back to us with good news.

Senior Digital Ranger

Oh… another cliff hanger! Truly hope both cub and mom are safe and well

Senior Digital Ranger

OOOHHWW!! Bless her heart! Mama Leopardess is Beautiful! .. The bush life is what it is, but, .. somewhere within the mama, I would think it must be distressing for her to not have her cub with her! .. I sure hope she finds her cub!

We are all very anxiously awaiting any news of Mashaba and the cub! Your story has set the leopard internet on fire!

once again all fingers crossed! Hope you find the cub alive. toi sad to lose it. Victoria

Fingers and toes crossed!

What incredible beauty, and how sad if the cub has been lost. Hoping for positive news!

I am so hoping the cub is alive, but the male was so aggressive, supplanting the mother as the ‘one’ who retrieved the cub and carried it. I did not understand the Senegal Bush male’s behavior and am afraid it might bode poorly for that tiny little baby!

Digital Tracker

Oh I so hope you find the baby!! 🤞🏻

So exciting to be able to follow the activity at Londo every week. Crossing our fingers for the best!

Senior Digital Ranger

Hoping for the best as always and looking forward to the updates

Hi James. I really do hope the cub has made it and is holed up somewhere unknown by you guys as yet. She is a remarkable Leopard. Wendy M

Digital Ranger

Best wishes Mashaba female

Thank you so much James Souchon

Well lets hope that the cub is still alive

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