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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Virtual Game Drives: The Week in Video #16

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Fantastic to see the Mashaba female’s cub. Great videos this week.

Oh, HOW EXCITING!!! That video was superb! I felt like I truly was there. The leopards were fantastic, especially that tiny one at the end! And the dog memories are precious! Thanks so much for another 5-star video!

Stunning. Absolutely fantastic footage.

Oh my word, what a way to end this blog! – how lucky to find this cub, especially at such a young age (1 or 2 weeks?) I wonder if there are more, as her last litters all seemed to have been triplets – let’s just hope she has better luck this time round. Just can’t wait for more info. That was a really nasty wound the Nanga female had in April, don’t remember seeing anything on that in the blog, but it’s amazing how well it’s healed.

what fun to see so many leopards. sorry you got stuck!! it is so great to see the inhabitants of the bush going about their business. zAll is right with their world! thank you Victoria

Leopards are the epithom of freedom as well described by RMRilke in his poem The Panther. They never give up fighting for freedom when caged. It is such a privilege to meet them and a leopard cub is an utmost beautiful and thrilling sight! Great video also of impalas, hippos, wild dogs and hyena (have they ever chewed any camera or other objects? They come so close, very confident)

I loved seeing the Nanga female, We have spent some time with her on two separate visits, glad to see she’s doing well. And the baby leopard at the end wow!! Then the biggest surprise – James with no beard!

There’s nothing better than ending on a high note! Really enjoyed this weekly video- guess you still own the pink bag 😬

Sweet!! That really is a tiny baby leopard!

Senior Digital Ranger

It’s a wonderful sighting. But James, I have to tell you… (Sorry :)) You look funny with a mustache. By😋

Haha the humour is exactly what I’m going for… 😉

Senior Digital Ranger

Then it’s a success! 🙂

James–cleanly shaven– a new look!
Leopard cub looks very young!

Always look forward to the virtual Sunday safaris with you guys, can’t wait to get back over there!

What a phantastic week you had starting with those fighting hippos, all those leopards, the wild dogs (sooo cute!!) and finally the tiny leopard cub! Thanks again for your beautiful videos.

Thanks Christa

Loved the silent, artistic ending to this week’s virtual safari tour. Well done.

Thanks Tom

What a fabulous week – such a treat … a leopard feast indeed! Just love watching that young Ximungwe male ‘cub’ … he’s so interesting to watch so really hope he sticks around for many more videos! Thanks for the great leopard footage.

Thanks Shirley,
Yip, we’ll probably have to drop that ‘cub’ title now…

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for another great week of virtual safari’s, they really are such a treat. Like most people I’m certainly going to miss the wild dogs, it’s a pity that they have moved off. On the other hand the next generation of leopard cubs will definitely make up for it 🙂

Thanks again for some fabulous footage and pink purse mishaps. Each week brings some incredible stories, never a dull moment and always something that leaves you hanging …. for the next installment. The arrival of the Mashaba cub was soo precious and the perfect distraction from the painted dog pups. I’m surprised the beard came off so soon James, thought you would have kept that for the colder month to come 😂.

How completely wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Really stunning pics this week on this virtual safari. We thoroughly enjoy getting them. Please don’t stop! Wendy and Neil M

You had an eventful week James. The sound of the hippos fighting was almost deafening. Hope they sorted out their differences. Enjoyed our virtual safari and I thank you for sharing with us. Be well and stay safe one and all.

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