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on Why it’s Hard Being a Cheetah

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It is fantastic news that there are more cheetah seen at Londolozi. It is always special to see this endangered species.

Had the opportunity to see a mother and 2 cubs during our first visit. The ensuing stalking and take down of an impala was incredible. The blinding speed of the cheetah made the chase a “no contest.” Such athleticism. Mother then “instructed” the cubs to finalize the kill.
Cheetahs always seem to be on alert with their heads continually swiveling even while at rest.

Observing the cheetah family roaming between Londolozi and Singita has been fascinating to watch albeit vicariously. She seems to be a good mom , watching out for her young, but as you so rightly stated, conditions aren’t great for her. Just after she makes a kill, having barely eaten, the hyenas rush in to take their meal. Such is the way of life for this predator…..I’m hoping this family will stay around for awhile.

James, what a wonderful blog – cheetahs everywhere🤗

We didn’t realize how predator-rich Londolozi had become. Interesting that it occurred as the Reserve was in lockdown. Perhaps Mother Nature is rebalancing wildlife as she rebalances humankind. Very interesting turn of events. Is poaching on the increase as well?

Hi Bob and Lucie, thank goodness in our area poaching has not been on the increase.

Senior Digital Ranger

James…. your last sentence says it all!!! Thank for all of the sharing…. ❣️

Great photos, James. How nice that there are now several cheetah in your area! I hope they will stay around a bit…

It’s fantastic that they have been around lately. We have had some excellent cheetah viewing ourselves when we have visited. Very unexpected but absolutely lovely to see. Cheetah cubs are on the top of my list as are the wild dogs pups . You guys are super fortunate right now!

Love the cheetah! Thanks for sharing such good info about them!

Thanks for this James! The hierarchy of predators is fascinating, especially because those of us in the U.S. who grew up on “Wild Kingdom” focused on the big cats (occasionally cheetah, but mostly the others) and rarely on the status of hyenas among predators. At least that’s my childhood recollection. Also, cheetahs have always held a special fascination, as the footage of their sheer speed always impresses!! But I never really understood their vulnerabilities. Thanks again!

We saw a male in the southern area of Londolozi in early August 2019. I wonder if the female was in the area and in estrous since the timing is close to when she would have gotten pregnant with those cubbies.

Master Tracker

Are you perhaps visiting the Southern Area more?

Hi Ian, we’ve been lucky to have had cheetah sightings all over the reserve including the southern section.

Interesting blog, James. Thank you very much. The old story of dogs chasing cats up trees happens in the Bush too! Wendy M

I love cheetahs, they always look so
majestic standing on top of termite mounds or rocks. I know they are endangered, did not realize they were so far down the list of predators. By the sway you have probable heard of the Columbus, Ohio Zoo but they have a breeding programs for several endangered species. They just announced the birth of 2 cheetah cubs thru in vitro fertilization. Victoria

Digital Ranger

To be a cheetah mom is also the most difficult job in the world……

Oh my. So many cheetah sightings lately, makes it even more exciting for our return. James, I noticed that the cheetahs are not named like the lions or leopards, by pride names or territory. Why is this?

Senior Digital Ranger

Cheetah images so amazingly wow.Beautiful write up on them too.Have evolved excellent adaptations as well to suit their hunting style.

Senior Digital Ranger

beautiful inserts showing the main predators having a go a one another…more like the hunter being the hunted!

Senior Digital Ranger

Leopard retreating up a tree under attack from wild dog serves to highlight how much the numbers matrix models nature’s battles in the wilderness.

Senior Digital Ranger

I also am curious that since Londolozi is witnessing an increase in cheetah density , would it not be possible to also give particular individuals code names /names same like in leopard or lions.A..sure this would heightein the intrest to cheetah from the audience.

Senior Digital Ranger

Cheetah numbers improving serves as a huge morale booster for the species.Cheetah juveniles have to survive high mortality risks to reach adulthood.

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