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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #443

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Great pics. Love the dogs and the full moon.

Digital Ranger

One question, why its rhino calf , wild dog pup and lion or cheetah cub? Thanks

Thank you for another great TWIP.

Excellent news about the Mashaba Female. That picture of the Wild Dog pups is perfect! Hope to see more of them in the video. Thanks!

Senior Digital Ranger

hello James !
everything OK ??
Warm regards
Guido, Dina

Beautiful and action packed photos! Just what the doctor ordered! Thanks!

Senior Digital Ranger

Great Pictures for the week!

love the barrel rolls, took a minute to decipher where the parts were. as always love the wild dog puppies they look so cute as they get bigger. glad all is well with the bush and hope you are all well too. Victoria

Fast maturity of the Wild Dog pups is amazing.
Good news on the Mashaba female.

Such good news about Mashaba as well as the Tsalala female and her cub. The pups are maturing so quickly with their coloration turning them into miniatures of Mom and Dad. So fun to watch!

Love starting my day in Hawai’i with the newest blog from Londolozi!

Those pups are adorable! Terrific TWIP! Thanks!

Wonderful series of images this week along with excellent updates on Tsalala, Mashaba and the pups. All’s well this week at Londolozi!

James – I didn’t get it right😩

Great to hear all the wild dog pups are doing well. I’m surprised though that just 2 adults can see off several hyenas, would have thought the hyenas would have the advantage? Also great to hear Mashaba is fine. Haven’t heard of the White Dam male before, do you know anything about his history?

Awesome pictures and blog.

Hi guys! Great selection of pictures as always! Two questions for you if you don’t mind.
1. As a 22-year old American guy who is completing an Associate’s degree at the moment, but dreams of guiding in the Sabi Sands (Londolozi among my dream spots), what would you suggest I do to come even somewhat close to that goal?
2. What has caused the Mashaba Female to go from being one of Londolozi’s most frequently seen leopardesses to now sporadically being seen? Is it ceding territory to the Nkoveni and/or Ximungwe Females, or is she just becoming more elusive as she ages?

Loved the photo of the 2 pups on the mound and all the current updates especially the good news of Mashaba and the Tsalala female

Thank you for keeping me bush-sane!

Senior Digital Ranger

James, the One Eared Wild Dog and her mate deserve a trophy. Photos of the pups with little fat well fed bellies is fabulous. The barrel rolling hippo hilarious! Thanks for sharing all these moments.

Master Tracker

What a lovely photo of the wild dog cubs, that would go straight on my wall

Wow, I can’t believe that I got the mystery bird right!!

It’s amazing to see how much the pups have grown too!

How many were present for the Syyx was the Nkuhuma young male with them?

Always love the week in pics. Love the videos. Thanks for keeping us all connected. See you again in May!

Hello! Very interesting hippo behaviour… do you know the reason of it? Do you think it is a play or something different? Beautiful pictures of all animals and lanscapes.

Obviously the White Dam male leopard didn’t take down that buffalo; lions? Old age? Fire?

Thanks for the great pictures

Some really great pictures this week James. The pic of the full moon was outstanding. Also loved the one of the rhino baby and wild dog pups. Hard to pick a favourite. Thanks for sharing with us. Be well and stay safe all of you at Londolozi.

I’m wondering if the buffalo was eaten by the leopard or did other predators arrive to take part? And, how long did the carcass last?

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