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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #441

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Stunning pics. Love the stilt and the ximungwe young male.

Great pictures and fantastic news on the Leopard front with the cubs and pregnant females. Any news on the 4 Styx lionesses the young male and Nkuhuma young male his half brother/cousin (both sons of the Birminghams) seem to have left the pride am a little concerned about the females esp the 2 young females?

Breathtaking week! Your excitement is palpable and contagious!

please tell me that the wild dogs pups are ok?!?! otherwise I loved all the week’s pictures – the green parrots look like balls of fluff warming up. for a moment I thought I needed to clean my glasses with the stork that looked 12 feet tall. great picture. I envy you all with all the leopard cubs and lions and cheetahs, keep cheering up my mornings! thankyou Victoria

Senior Digital Ranger

Great photos thank you. I wanted to ask what you thought possible survival rate for the Wild Dog pups might be but await your update. A worrying time.

Well, another perfect narrative and portfolio of beautiful photos. Thank you!

Once again an excellent TWIP! James you have a wonderful eye for pictures!

Senior Digital Ranger

I would have to agree whole heartedly with your opening statement… How do you decide where to explore each day… Seems as though everywhere there is something amazing & new to see but also be concerned about. With all of the movement and new life around trying to not interfere and take care that every animal is safe. To hear that the lions had found the Wild Dogs den is so upsetting. Wanting no harm to come to those new pups.. my heart just started racing when I read the news…
Thank you for taking all of us along on your amazing journeys with your blogs…Having it to read everyday it is like being there all over again…

Wow, another astonishingly beautiful collection! The photo captures are amazing, but the artistic aesthetics are brilliant!!

James, loved the cheetah, and the elephant bull, Piccadilly leopard cub, and the stilt reflecting in the water🤗

James, we have put on hold the trip to Africa – so we will be coming on our 51st wedding anniversary😟

James, do leopards only have 1 cub?

Hi Joan, usually two from what we’ve observed here, but 1-3 is the standard range.

Great photo selection as always James! Any sightings of the Tsalala Lioness recently? Also wondering if you know which males could be possible fathers to the Nkoveni Female’s cubs, and if you would be able to tell me the sex ratio of the Ntsevu youngsters?

I never thought I would say this but please don’t let them kill the Wild Dog pups. If you might just divert them until the parents come back and move them…. I know we have to let nature take it’s course. Great pictures this week

Incredible gallery of images once again!! Really excited to hear that the Nkoveni Female may soon not be the only leopard with young cubs on the reserve!

Terrific photos and narrative – thank you so much for doing this! We miss Africa and your blogs and photos really help. Just a question about the wild dogs you are currently following. Due to the endangered status and the rarity to have an active large group of pups, would you ever consider intervening in the case of lions or hyenas trying to attack the den. Thanks again.

Thanks James….so enjoyed this week’s review in pictures and relative stories….lived it…take care….

Again, amazing breathtaking photos!

Absolutely love the winter months out in the bush! There is a relaxed atmosphere that makes one feel at peace! Oh and the pictures are incredible! 😉

We are loving and drooling over all the variety of sightings you and the team are sharing! This is a great set of your favorites and we added on to our set. Loved the mother and cub with the cub looking right at you – just beautiful!

So wonderful to have the flush of new life on Londolozi!

Stunning images with such variety, James. It’s good to check the pulse of the other animals/birds within Londolozi since the limelight has deservedly been shining directly on the den and pups. I’m sitting on the edge….waiting to the outcome.

Thank you for such stunning pictures, you guys are really spoilt for choice, but you chose your subjects so well. Love the commentary that accompanies each picture, only makes us want to be in the bush more.

Senior Digital Ranger

Another week of spectacular photos, thank you for sharing!

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