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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Nkoveni Female Leopard and Cub

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This is great news. Would there have been more than one cub initially?

Possibly Marinda

Wow! Ten Wild Dog pups and now a leopard cub! You’re spoilt for choice during lockdown. Talking of lockdown, does the pink pouch still operate during lockdown?

Of course! Unfortunately I currently hold it…

Master Tracker

What a super sighting, never seen a cub that young

Master Tracker

Does this mean that Chris holds the Pink Pouch?

Ian unfortunately this photo was from a while back, and I am the current holder… 🙁

so much good news about cubs- the tsala lioness and her cub found safe and now the new leopard cub is seen. fingers crossed all goes well for them!! Victoria

James, the Great Granddaughter of Vomba (saw her on our first Londolozi visit in with you 2011)! How awesome! Let’s hope this one makes it. It’s so amazing to watch the families continue to thrive at Londolozi!

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful pictures. Are there any updates on the Inyathini male ?

He was seen in Mala Mala two days ago.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you.

Beautiful! Looking forward to posts of their progress❤️

Amazing news!! So glad to hear that Nkoveni has a new litter!!

For getting stuck in the Sand River, was Ranger Chris Taylor awarded the dreaded Pink Pouch? 😉

Unfortunately Doug, he managed to get himself out…

Senior Digital Ranger

Good morning James!
Not to get off topic, but out of curiosity, a couple of thoughts have been on my mind. – These might be stupid questions, but,.. first,.. In thought of the felines (Lioness’s, Leopards, etc, in particular); .. How do they get the blood off from their faces after they have finished eating their kill? Second, In thought of the water that the “felines” drink from the river or water holes – Does the water affect their health upon their life span? As little as I know about animals in the wild (in the bush), it just seems interesting that so many of them live fairly long lives.
I’m to “assume” that their bodies become “immune” to the water, (and food) that they eat, less they both (the water and “kills” be “pure” in way of bacteria (or possible diseases) that could harm them. (??)
When I see the pictures of the “felines,” I’m always amazed as they look so “clean” and healthy! (less that of the lions/lionesses who have scars on their faces from “cat scraps.”
Today’s pictures go by example, of the Leopard and her cub. Their fur is so rich and full, and luxuriant looking! .. Do Leopards have the same life span as lions/lionesses in the wild?
.. Lastly, the pictures of the cub spotting you guys out is adorable. It’s amazing to see how “tame” the animals act despite humans being present,.. I love the filters you used to create the picture affects. It allows for the “moment” to stand out with such feeling.

Happy news for Nkoveni and her new cub! I hope the little one becomes habituated soon so that you can share many more sightings with us!

Lovely to see another cub born!

James, found the cub and Nkoveni Leopard🤗

My hope is that this cub will meet with same success as Nkoveni’s previous litters. Glad the team knows generally where to find her until she moves it to another location. Cubs are such sweet innocents.

So glad you were all able to see this beautiful cat and her cub. Made the wait all that much worthwhile. Thanks for sharing with us James. Be well and stay safe all of you.

James, brilliant news sighting Nkoveni and her cub. Your past two weeks have been so rich in discovering the new pups of the wild dog parents and now a cub! Life is beautiful!
Sorry about your pink pouch, but I’m sure soon you will be able to pass it along to an overly zealous colleague.

Hi James, great read as always. I have a few questions regarding the Nkoveni female for you. What litter number is this for her, and is the Plaque Rock Female the only cub she’s raised to independence? Also, any sightings of the Mashaba female recently?

Digital Ranger

Always happy to little cubs and stay safe !

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