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on Tsalala and Cub Update

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thank you Londolozi for posting this update of mum and cub, it is very welcome, Mary pollard

Senior Digital Ranger

I am so Happy To hear that Tsalala and Her cub are doing well, as I was very worried. Thank You so much for this Update… Also does anybody know anything about Baba Yao Doa”s brother.please let me know. thanks

It was an epic lion fight. Luckily they are both fine. It just looked very bad in the video.

James, what a wonderful blog, today Tsalalas Lioness is returned to the cub🤗

Thank heavens!!! it would have been a tragedy to have lost them. thank you for the news! stay safe! Victoria

Such good news! That was an unbelievable sighting! I was so worried about the lioness. Thanks so much for the update!

James – that was terrible beating that she took, Tsalalas Lioness

Thats good news that the lioness is ok, I couldn’t watch the highlights this week as it was brutal.

Thank you so much for keeping us updated on the Tsalala lioness and her cub. The attack on the lioness was one of the most intense sightings I have ever seen. So glad the pride just walked away, had the lone lioness turned her back itcould gave ended very differently. Thank you again and keep staying safe.

Thank you for the update also thank you for addressing the role the Birminghams played in the whole incident. On a side note have you seen or heard anything on the Styx recently? The Nkuhuma young male who had been with them and the Styx young male were both found on Sabi Sabi (both sons of Birminghams so hoping they form a coalition of half brothers) so wondering if there is any news on the 4 lionesses?

Thanks so much for the update on the Tsalala female and her cub, I look forward to when you see them and letting us know. Thanks again.

Hi James…I’ve just read your update re the beautiful last Tsalala female and her precious cub… my heart was I my mouth when I saw your report heading…….to be honest, I was reluctant to open it, as I’m sure like so many of us, I feared the worst…. I’m so relieved…I’ve followed her difficult story from the start….an excellent mother , such courage, fortitude, and bravery ….. she’s loved by so many of us for her remarkable strength of character…. let’s hope she’s fully recovered and she takes her daughter as far away as possible from the Ntsevu/Kambulas!…but given that one of the Birmingham males sired her daughter she may still feel the need to “hang around” in that area… let’s hope not!….thanks so much James for letting me know…… wonderful news…. boy, what a relief…. she’s just gotta stay safe somehow!…keep safe James…. Pauli

The Tsalala lioness deserve every respect! She even clobbered the Birmingham male on the nose! I admire her enormously. She is an amazingly courageous and very independent big cat. A wonderful story, James. So glad she wasn’t killed or badly maimed and that her son was also seen and he is fine too. Kept socially distant and very hidden too just for good measure! Thank you for this one. Wendy M

It is said that cats have “9 lives”, primarily referring to the common house cat. Yet, it seems the Tsalala female is cashing in on this ancient proverb, escaping another potentially life threatening experience. She truly is amazing and I’m rooting for her and her cub’s survival-not an easy task considering the force of the Ntsevu pride and now members of other prides. Never a dull day in the bush for anyone!!

Thanks for the update! Good fortune that mother and cub are safe.

Oh thank goodness! Very glad to hear that they are together and well……after seeing the close up video again, you can see that Tsalala has quite a nasty wound on her lower spine area that was bleeding profusely……hopefully that will seal up and heal up…..

Fantastic news!

Good news there! The skirmish, as you described, did appear weird–although I have no basis for comparison.

That was good news!! Thank you for sharing!

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for the update on the Tsalala’s.. We can breathe easy again!

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for this heartfelt update. She is such a force with so many odds against her and this was heart wrenching to view. What an iconic lioness. I hope we hear of more successes and breaks for her as she carries on so courageously.

Digital Ranger

That is good news to learn that the Tsalala lioness and cub were spotted together after the attack by the Ntsevu pride. What could have been the motive of the attack on the Tsalala female?! The Tsalala female does not have a coalition or coalition males?!

Thank goodness they are ok. That was intense.

One of the most intense videos I have seen possibly bk I really care about the Tsalala and her cub. Glad to hear the cub is well and you have seen tracks of mom.

Great news. Desperate to get back to Londolozi. I hope you’re all coping ok with the lockdown and the staff are all doing ok. Must be tough for everyone. Best wishes.

Oh what a wonderful relief
After seeing the footage …I was praying they would both be ok…thank goodness

Awesone story hope both mother and cub are alright. I never paid attention to lions until a couple wks before Cecil died now im fasanatied by them the different coalations and etc. Mopogos (fav.).

Thanks for the update!
I’ve been wondering how she made out.
Been following Londolozi and her story for awhile.
Thanks you

Thanks a lot. Tsalala is my favorite lioness… I’m glad to know that both is alright and together.

Good news indeed. Certainly one tough and impressive lioness there.

Senior Digital Ranger

And here Ya all thought us humans had drama in our lives,.. sheesh! The Poor Lioness and the two prides have had one hec of a week of drama! enough to keep us all on the edges of our seats!

Digital Ranger

Lordy, James, please keep us informed. Being a single mom is so tough.

Thanks for the update James. Nice to know that they were finally reunited and seemingly the Tsalala lioness did not suffer serious injuries. Interesting observations you made on the Buirminghams and guess their motto appears to be “make love and not war”. Be well and stay safe all of you.

Thanks for the information & update so happy Mama & Cub are ok 💛

James. Question. I just watched a post from Mala Mala which appears to show the same lion fight. Link below. They call the males the Gowre Males, the pride the Kabula pride and the attacked lions the Marthey lioness. Your post has these males as the Birmingham’s, the pride as not the Kabula and the lioness as the Tsalala lioness. Can you clarify. Dcarlton1@aol.com


Hi Donald,
Yes, they have different names for the lions on their side. But they are all the same animals.

Good to hear. Thank you for the update

Thank you for the update! Been holding my breath since I saw the video!

Senior Digital Ranger

That was an epic video, the natural world in all it’s glory. Glad they are both doing well, thank you for the update.

That’s a relief to hear that the two are back together! That encounter could have turned out a lot worse!

I have been on and off line and missed this entry which answered questions surround this fight and if Tsalala was involved. Unfortunately, yes. Fortunately, she’s alive. Unless you know what may have caused this altercation, I wondered if it’s because she got too close to the Pride, who has never accepted her. Regardless, Tsalala remains my hero for all she’s survived in past years. Her injuries were not superficial to cause that much deep colored blood. One good gash could do it….at least that’s an opinion of a medical person. I’m sure she’ll heal in time and carry on in her heroic way.

I could feel the tension during that fight! Very glad things calmed down and Tsalala walked away!

Digital Ranger

It’s a been 10 days and still no verified news about Tsalala´s mother and her daughter ? Thanks. ♥☻

Nothing yet.
Tracks fo the female crossing east of our boundary.
We sometimes go weeks without seeing her.

Digital Ranger

Good evening, Londolozi! It´s been 11 days from the clash and still no verified news about Tsalala´s mother and her cub ?? ♥

Oh how I love the Tsalala lioness. Hope this never happens to her again. Is it so normal for lioness that are related to go against one another? It seems the Tsalala Breakaway was so distant so quickly from their mother etc.

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