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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Virtual Game Drives: The Week in Video #10

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What happened to the virtual game drive video? So disappointing.

Hi Gloria.
It’s there. I think there was a glitch when the post initially went out but the video is there now, and also available on our FB page.
Kindest regards

Incredible sightings this week. The highlight surely is the wild dog pups. The lion fight was epic. Great news about the cheeatah cubs.

what a fabulous and interesting safari. I have never seen different prides of lions going at it. Hope the lioness found her cub. How wonderful to have so many cheetahs around. Thank you for a great start to the day. Victoria

Incredible period of cheetah sightings. We were fortunate to see a cheetah and her 2 cubs during our initial visit in 2013. We saw her take down an impala and “train” her cubs on finishing the kill and eating. We did not realize at that time how rare that sighting was. Peter’s comment about never having seen cheetah cubs previously highlighted our good fortune.

I pray that the Tsalala female is doing well and she and her cub meet up soon. Please keep us informed of the status of her, seeing her injured breaks my heart. Thanks

Thanks so much again James, I really look forward to Sunday and these videos, they’ve all been amazing .2 questions for you this week, 1stly when is your lockdown expected to end, and when it does will you return to designer stubble? (your beard is getting so bushy you may find squirrels nesting in it soon!)

Digital Ranger

Hi James,
How is the Tsala lioness currently doing? I have been fascinated with this particular lioness for sometime now. Being she is the only one left of her pride. Her tenacity to live and stand up to the Ntsevu pride is just awesome. On another note would some other predator be pushing out the cheetahs from their territories? I love these updates. Thank you “)

Puppies, cheetah cubs, three adult cheetahs, one kill, and finally the Ximungwe male forced away by Guinea fowl! Doesn’t get any better – you all are the best for keeping us up to date……

Senior Digital Ranger

Always a pleasure James. This one has a slight sting though, as this was supposed to be the week of our visit

Senior Digital Ranger

Good morning James! .. Your videos just keep getting better and better. – That footage of the lioness who got mauled is brutal! Just so painful to see! Let’s hope her cub is okay and to be found soon. –
The whole landscape of the wildlife in the bush upon your quest that you captured is a “treasure trove” of real nature for all that it is.
I love reading the blogs and watching the Londolozi videos first thing in the morning, as it makes for a “down to earth way” to start the day.

Senior Digital Ranger

Oh my gosh that was absolutely fantastic! Thank you all the guides that were filming these sequences, just amazing!!!

James, what an adrenaline packed video safari. The lion fight was pretty brutal to watch and hope she recovered from her wounds and reunited with her cubs. Felt sorry for the cheetah being robbed of her kill, however, guess that is how it goes in the bush. Really enjoyed the video and thanks for sharing with us. Be well and stay safe all of you at Londolozi.

Brilliant! I’d seen the Lion altercation, but it still raises the hair on my arms! The African Wild Dog update was really great, and an amazing opportunity for you all. And the cheetah footage, how special indeed. Thanks again for all of this wonderful video and continually bringing this content to us! Much love and gratitude!

Wow, just crazy footage and sightings. Literally all the things I would hope to see were seen last week. Wild dog pups and cheetah cubs have been on my wish list forever. Please let us know if the Tsalala female and cub are OK. Thanks again for a wonderful week!

Wow great video! And one lucky lioness…lots like a pretty solid puncture wound near the lower spine!

What fabulous video and commentary! Very impressive! Thank you!

Amazing footage of the wild dog den this week!!!

James! Incredible action! The cubs look so cute. Hard to think they will grow into ruthless hunters!

And that’s fantastic to see cheetah cubs on Londolozi too!

Incredible that there are also two different sets of cheetah on the reserve, not to mention seeing cheetah and wild dog on the same morning!

Sorry, I meant three!!

Digital Ranger

I hope that the lioness Tsalala will soon be able to hunt so that her daughter can survive. ♥

So happy to hear the lion cub was seen and is well. I hope the mom is too and that they will be seen together again soon.
Londolozi is definitely at the top of my travel list for when we all can do so. In the meantime, thank you for all you do to keep the world connected.

I can’t thank you enough for these virtual drives. Photography is great but to see Londolozi come alive like this is a dream come true. I can almost feel the breeze on my face and smell the grasses. Thank you and take good care.

Interesting to see that the B’ham male is sort of defending the Tsalala female. She may be in heat again, or is her cub too young for that? Lovely little doggies………

I hope she is well … and I would appreciate it if you could keep us informed about how she and her cubs are doing … 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Thank you!!!!

What a fantastic week! Incredible sightings.
Thanks for these wonderful videos.
Of course, a stay in Londolozi itself would be the ultimate dream to realize, but the videos are a really great consolation.

amazing footage!!I loved every minute of it!!

The Tsalala female is as tough as nails! She was taught by the best, the dearly departed Tsalala tailsless female. This is the makings of an epic tale! Young Tsalala female raised 1 cub, is joined by some other outsider lions and become a dynasty!

Digital Ranger

The Tsalala female has already become a legendary lioness! She has her own… She is a caring mother to her daughter. She is a brave female warrior, who bravely stood her ground against Kambulas. The Birmingham Boys(especially Nhenha, father of her cub) protected her, maybe because they respected her, or they realized that she is a lioness worth to fight for.

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