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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #438

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Stunning pics. Love the wild dogs and the elephant bull at sunset.

💯% ✅😎

Senior Digital Ranger

I wonder if you all might ask other reserves if they have noticed a difference. My guess is that they would have which would be an intriguing comparison for Londolozi 😉

Awesome photographs each and every one. Always love the leopards and this time it was the Xinzele female that took my breath away, such a beautiful shot. Thank you.

Amazing coincidence with the sunrise/sunset photos of the Xinzele female.
Good job Peter with the stitched panorama of the elephant bull.

James, I saved Lion breath (James Souchon May 3), the Two Zebra (James Souchon May 3), the hippo (James Souchon May 3), James Tyrell, Bateleur Eagle (May 4), Makomsava Female (James Shouchon May 5), James Tayrell Wild Dogs (May 6), Pete Thrope May 2 Elephant Bull🤗. Actually I loved them all

James – just stunning photos. Thanks for brining back so many lovely memories of our last trip to Londolozi. All the best to the entire team.

Wonderful sightings! I am looking forward to seeing the dog video. Thanks for sharing.

Can’t wait for the video of the dogs especially if its going to be a vs Hyena sightning those are always insane. Great to see Nhlanguleni turn up ok. Have you seen the Styx recently at all?

Hi Blair, yes they were in western Londolozi a few days ago, but not since then.

Incredible gallery this week!! Love the wide-angle shot of the elephant bull, and the golden light on those wild dogs is stunning!!

Great photos, as usual. The wild dog photo made me wonder if the one-eared female has had her puppies yet. Any sign of them? Did they stay on the property?

True to the Londolozi high standards, this is another fabulous TWIP- on a personal level, your wide angle of the elephant bull is stellar! We’re all living vicariously through your photos and looking forward to the wild dogs video.

James the Birmimgham male is great and the Bull Elephant is impressive

Love the photos + daily updates and currently the Boyd Varty 40 days stories too , keeping our imaginations live during lockdown.

That was some stitching of the panorama of the elephant bull at sunset. I would say you can sew my Covid-19 mask anytime but that would be a waste of talent!

James- I enjoyed viewing these pics. Could the Makomsava leopard’s father be the Anderson male? And do you know of any leopards that he more than likely sired?

James – another great TWIP! They all went straight in the faves! Thanks for keeping us connected!

Senior Digital Ranger

While I’m always drawn to the sunrise and sunset pictures, my first pick for this week is the Xinzele female leopard. The picture gives peaceful closure to the day. (even though it is said to be have been taken in the early morning. It could easily, I’m to assume go either way day or evening?) – My second is the elephants! Wow! As I scroll down the page, seeing the up-close pictures of them, is always surprising! To think you guys see those big huge animals up front and personal in the wild is just amazing! – The “technicolor,” or should I say, brilliant clarity of everything seen and captured on film is just such a treat and venture in and of itself!

All great as usual. Pete the elephant bull coming out of the Sand River really caught my attention.

Was the photo of the Nhlanguleni female recent as I recall there was some suspicion surrounding her whereabouts?

Master Tracker

Super photos, like the elephant shot, taken by someone hanging out of the Land Rover and facing upwards ?

Please keep pictures coming

Master Tracker

Sorry I should have said Pete Thorpe rather than someone, could I ask you edit the comment ?

Hi Ian, yes I lowered my arm outside the footwell on the driver’s side for the elephant shot.
Best regards.

Stunning pictures!! Thank you

Digital Ranger

Tsalala lioness with her daughter are okay?

How are the Tsalala female and cub? It’s been many weeks since I’ve heard something about them…

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful pics as usual, thank you! I’m a tad jealous of all the amazing photographic opportunities you guys have, especially now that it’s quiet 🙂

Thanks for the great update! We are all so jealous of the incredible sightings you all are having!!

Stunningly beautiful images. I love all of the diversity in terms of subject, composition, setting, lighting etc. really wonderful!

Thank you for the amazing pictures.

James: We hear poaching is up in Krueger – do you think that is why you are seeing more elephants?

Hi Linda,
We generally have a big influx of them into the reserve at this time of year due to the drying conditions; they start congregating around the Sand River, so no, I doubt the two are related…

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