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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Virtual Game Drives: The Week in Video #7

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Amazing videos this week. Love the lions and the elephants and go pro incident.

That was an awesome video! I especially like the way that Duncan is rocking his beard – I hope he keeps it.

Wow! Fascinating video and great comment. Love the enthusiasm!

That was a spectacular virtual safari! It pairs nicely with my morning coffee here in South florida, USA. Thank You!

I have watched bits and pieces of this video during the week and still chuckle over your GoPro fiasco- hopefully it is covered by your insurance!
I was jealous of your Ntsevu encounter during your night drive- I closed my eyes and tried to imagine 22 lions walking past me, the soft padding of all those paws, large to small, moving into the night, not knowing if they’ll be lucky enough to take down prey-hopefully large since there are so many to feed.
Your walk along the Maxabene riverbed was the perfect end to this video….. stay safe all of you. By the way, who of the rangers are still in residence? It seems you, James Souchon, Pete, Bruce, Kevin——

Hi Denise,
Bruce isn’t here (It was probably Duncan, the GM, you are thinking of. He was the one on the bush walk), so it’s just Kev, Pete, James and me.
Best regards

Wowzers! First of all crazy how close that bull Elephant got – amazing! I love that feeling of anticipation when they come close and let you in their space. So cool! Then the Lions doing a walk by and then on foot- wow, wow, wow! And then the Senegal Bush Male. And the Go Pro – loved that footage (sorry about your camera) I can’t even ! This footage was epic ! Thanks!

Senior Digital Ranger

These videos are so very special. Thank you!

Ahhhh, so amazing guys! You are a lifeline for us, especially now. And Duncs love the beard 😊. Next scheduled trip is August 2020 and I hope to the GoPro crushing elephants I see you then. Much love to you all, my friends.


awesome video!

Fabulous, astonishing footage, especially of the Ntsevu pride – so jealous! I will never tire of seeing leopards hoisting their kill; only wish I could see it myself. And those shots of the Senegal bush male in the tree – what do the animals/birds make of the drone? Well done again and thank you.

Hi Suzanne,
We are very careful about where we use it. It is only used if an animal shows no reaction to it whatsoever.
Best regards

Truly astonishing footage this week. Do you find that these sightings and encounters happen with more frequency during quarantine without guests around?

Hi Paul, no, the wildlife activity has remained exactly the same. We are just able to document it better as there is open access to all sightings for a camera crew, whereas before the lockdown guests had priority.
Best regards

Makes sense. Also took delivery of the Mark Manson books you referenced some time back and looking forward to reading this week. Thanks James!

Amazing video! Thank you for the week in video!
It was really good!

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for yet another incredible video, sorry about the Go Pro!

What an exciting video! You guys look like you’re having a great time out there! I’ve shared it with many friends and they’re all beginning to better understand why we so love Londolozi! So sorry about your GoPro, James!

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for the wonderful video.. Love getting updates on the Birmingham Boys & Senegal Bush Male

Senior Digital Ranger

Cool video. I love the lions.

I’m loving these virtual safari’s!!!

Wonderful to see your daily updates on the wildlife. It really uplifts our spirits here in London. We are so fortunate to have managed a trip to Londolozi in February.
Great to see Duncan with the guiding team.
Best wishes to the whole team.
Ahmad Lari

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