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Born into a family passionate about wildlife Josh knew from a very young age that he wanted to work in the African bush. He was fortunate enough to spend his school holidays going on annual family trips to the same two destinations – ...

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on Time to Reflect

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Lovely blog Josh. This is a time for us all to reflect, a time of peace. A time to go back to basics and appreciate the good times we had in nature and looking forward to many more.

Thank you Marinda. You’re spot on. Stay safe!

Josh, what a wonderful blog – Ames was his sister, looking back again!

Thanks for a lovely post Josh. I share the same sentiment about special places in the bush. We have been on drives before where I have literally felt this pull to get out and be near these ancient trees and just touch them. (So I do – and no one laugh when I do it again next time). Just being near something that has been here long before me and seen so much is comforting.

Definitely no judgement there Kara. I do it all the time – certainly won’t be laughing. Hopefully we can experience the leadwood forest together some day.

Josh, What a beautiful story. That forest is also one of our favorite places at Londolozi and many times when thinking or imagining ourselves there, it is moving through that forest that gives us inner peace when needed! Best to Amy, we miss her but still enjoy following her journey!

Thank you Michael and Terri! That forest is truly special. It’s so awesome to hear how much of an impact it made on you. I’m glad you can keep going back to your memories there whenever you need to. Amy misses you too. Best regards.

Beautiful post, looking forward to reading tomorrows post too!

Master Tracker

Stay safe, stay snug – hopefully the guests will be back as soon as the Lockdown lifts

Wonderful reminiscences. Thank you for posting!

Amy had a brilliant photo: ‘Giraffes Necking’

Thank you Josh for your reflections of time spent in Londolozi with your sister. I loved reading her blogs and had hoped to enjoy my Safari in her Landy in late 2018. Sadly for me, she left to pursue her passions in life coaching, yoga, etc. but I had an amazing stay there anyway and have followed her journey over the past year. I was pleased to read you were following in your family’s legacy of promoting the conservation of land and wildlife, by joining the Londolozi family of guides. Take care and continue to enjoy your family time during the shelter-in-place rules. It’s all good!!

Thank you Denise. Hope to see you back at Londolozi when everything goes back to normal. Best regards.

A really nice blog James and nice that you were able to have this experience of a lifetime maybe with your sister. I am sure that things are very quiet at Londolozi right now which is truly a shame. I sincerely hope and pray that you are all well and are safe. This is a troubling time for the entire world and we can only hope and pray that it will soon be over. We will have a new normal following this and will have to see how that plays out. Thanks for sharing with us. To all at Londolozi – be well and stay safe. God bless.

Thank you very much Leonie. Stay safe your side as well.

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