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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #432

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Love the Ntsevu pride on the airstrip. Great news about Tsalala female and cub.

As always James….amazing photography! The last one with the Tsalala lioness and cub is so beautiful and serene ….perfect for these tumultuous times in which we are living! Thank you for being there and reminding us that nature’s beauty always exists! May all the staff at Londoz stay safe!

Nice shots! Love TWIP. I was especially happy to see that last photo. Thank goodness, the cub is still alive. Thanks, James!

I’m so very happy that the Tsalala lioness and her cub were found, I worry about them. I did read that the Nkuhuma pride has been seen on Djuma this past week.

I hadn’t heard that South Africa was also on lockdown. How refreshing to see life goes on unimpeded in Londolozi. Thank you.

Beautiful pictures. Will sign in Sunday

Pfff…….. good to hear the cub and the lioness are OK!!!
Thanks and stay safe and healthy.

Great to hear that the Tsalala lioness and her cub are safe and well. Interesting and informative as always, thank you. Stay safe and be well Londolozi.

James, I loved all the photos, especially the Tsalala lioness and her cub, the elephant eye, Black-Collared Barbet, African Harrier Hawk, and Young Bateleur Eagle🤗

I hope we will get to come in September

Thank you James for keeping us up to date with news from the bush. Your images are especially poignant for us safari junkies , the painted dog sporting a wound on his flank, the Ntsevu pride en masse on the airstrip allowing their stuffed bellies to digest the night’s fortune, and of course the iconic elephant eye, always one of my favorites. Waking up this Friday morning, I couldn’t help but think of what should have been, but didn’t happen. I would have arrived to Founder’s camp 26 March, but the fractured arm I suffered mid-February negated my trip. Now, with RSA on a 21 day shutdown, I’m thinking had I been in South Africa, I would be scrambling to find a place to stay while search for a flight to get me back to San Francisco. Strange how life just sorts itself out……more photos, yes!!

Master Tracker

Fantastic news that the cub has been found alive and with mum

Hello James, What a wounderful news that Tsalala lioness was found with her cub alive and well! I think the last photo 15/15 was a fantastic photo of them!
I have a question regarding the wild dogs. Their is no den build at Londolozi yet? Do you know where this pack has it’s den? At Mala Mala? Very good picture 1/15 of the wild dog!
Thank you for this week in Pictures! Looking forward to your answer!

Hi Ann,
The dogs only den in winter, so are itinerant at the moment.
They will den in the dry season when dens won’t flood, and we can expect them to give birth around June/July.
Where they will den is anyone’s guess…

James, thanks so much for sharing. Londolozi’s daily blog postings are a welcome respite during these challenging times. Keeping all of the team in thoughts and prayers, stay safe!

Thank you James, and excellent news about the Tsalala lioness and cub. Did she show any signs of having been wounded?

Fabulous wild dog/painted wolf images, James. The lighting was spectacular, their ‘personalities’ jumped right out of those eyes! I personally find them so hard to photograph – they’re like perpetual motion machines – so I truly appreciate your skill!

Senior Digital Ranger

Wonderful news about Mama Tsalala and her cub! They are two dynamics survivors! The photo for which captured them sleeping amidst the magnificent sunset is so relaxing while breath taking. – Likewise, the picture of the Birmingham Lion and his offspring is just precious.

Do you think that this pride could split and make two separate prides ?

Quite possibly… that was how the Ntsevu pride themselves started…

What glorious news about Tsalala and her cub!! Hurray! I do have a question, and if you have the answer I’d appreciate it….it was announced that Tsalala had been injured. If so, how is she healing? Your images are terrific. Love the iconic elephant eye, the nuzzle, the image of the aging Birmingham and Tsalala and cub sleeping on the airstrip. Be well. Be safe.

A wonderfully bright spot in a week filled with stressful news. Good for the Tsala lioness. Stay sage all of you! This virus is not to be taken lightly

Great news about the mom and cub. And I never tire of an elephant eye!

A truly amazing gallery!!! Those photos of the wild dogs and the barbet are stunning!!!

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