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on What Bird is This? #23

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Is it a juvenile bateleur eagle?

Maybe a snake eagle?

Wahlbergs Eagle?

It’s definitely an juvi eagle.

Hello James!
I think it is a Buzzard, more exactly Common Steppe Buzzard.
It’s a beauty that’s for sure!

It’s got Booties, so it’s an Eagle. Primarie lighter than secondaries – going to Guess Lesser Spotted Eagle although it might be out of range

Second choice: brown snake eagle ???

I’m guessing a brown snake eagle?


Yellow Billed Kite

James, is it a Juvenile Bateleur Eagle?

Senior Digital Ranger

Brown snake Eagle

Whalberg’s Eagle …
Not shaggy enough for tawny. Bateleur and Snake Eagles have unfeathered legs. Perhaps leggings not quite tight enough for Lesser spotted eagles.

Lesser Spotted Eagle

I think it’s a tawny eagle, but my 2nd guess would be the juvenile Bateleur,

Senior Digital Ranger

Yellow-billed kite?

Senior Digital Ranger

For those of us in lockdown, “What Bird Is This?” is a good game …

Lekker to have another bird ID challenge while we are in self isolation!
With the presence of feathers all the way down the legs to the talons, the snake-eagles can be ruled out. These leg feathers are also not ‘baggy’ and are tight fitting ruling out a Tawny Eagle and the Steppe Eagle. This leaves the Wahlberg’s Eagle and the Lesser Spotted Eagle which can be difficult to distinguish from each other. I’d say that it is a Lesser Spotted Eagle. There does not seem to be a crest and the bird looks more heavy set than slim although this is difficult to judge from a photo.

Juvenile Bateleur?

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