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Dean was a guide at Londolozi from 2018 to 2022. He grew up in Johannesburg and it was from his very first trip to the bush at the age of two that he was captivated by this environment (he claims he can remember ...

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on Nothing Like Some Healthy Competition

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Wow! The images are stunning. Love the elephant Dean. The setting sun by Guy and the croc with the Egyptiin goose by Bruce.

Senior Digital Ranger

they are all very good , but for me the croc wins !!

I think my favorite of all these is the Sun setting leopard by Guy Brunskill, #2 -The Ximungwe female by Mrisho Lugenge. #3 Black and White Ostrich by Tayla brown #4 Crocodile vs Egyptian Goose by Bruce Arnott #5 toss up between Lion Cub and Elephant

Hi there. Well, it is SO difficult to choose between them, but my personal favourites (couldn’t choose one!) were:
Crocodile vs Egyptian Goose by Bruce Arnott (for action) / Full-bellied lion cub by Sean Zeederberg (just plain cute) /Sun setting leopard by Guy Brunskill (quite stunning) / and I also loved The Curious Giraffe (just appealing) by Chris Taylor. As I say – very difficult to choose and it’s all personal taste anyway! Hope you enjoy the refurbished Rangers Room! Wendy M

May we have a picture of the room when you are all finished with it please? Wendy M

I’m glad I wasn’t a judge – amazing images from the multi talented rangers at Londolozi!! I suppose if I HAD to choose…. the croc vs goose was a highlight, Guy’s leopard at sunset, lion cub full belly, and elephant mud bath. There’s no loser and I look forward to seeing the final results.

Senior Digital Ranger

Because I think it’s hard to capture this incredible moment, my choice is Bruce Arnott and Crocodile vs Egyptian Goose

They are all amazing photos but I especially like the one of the croc and the Egyptian Goose!

6 pix: Leopard silhouette, Ostrich head, Croc vs goose (goose losing), lion jumping, elephant mud splash, sun setting leopard (my favorite)

Master Tracker

Ximungwe leopard, the ostrich and the lion cub. The eyes have it.

For me, the croc is the ultimate winner. But I also like the cub, the sunset leopard and the ostrich.

In no particular order: curious giraffe, elephant mud, full bellied lion cub, croc & goose, Ximungwe leopard, lizard – but they are all stunning

If I MUST choose I’ll vote for Bruce Arnott’s. All are great!

I love them all but the Leopard Silhouette by Pete Thorpe is my favorite!

All are winners … you need more walls!

Senior Digital Ranger

The three leopard photos are simply stunning! I wish I had the talent!! The croc and goose pic is probably my favorite if only because that is the safari action shot that I have never experienced. However, Dean de la Rey holds such a dear spot in my heart from being our most personable and outstanding guide–I wanted to bring him home to our daughter (apologies for the embarrassment Dean!)–that I must give the elephant mudder my Vote!!!! P. S. I would have loved to have been a mouse in the judges room as well as overhearing the competitive comments in the Rangers Room. Heck, I just want to return to Londolozi!!!

I love the sun setting leopard by Guy. Next the lion cub, the Ximungwe female, giraffe and Ostrich. The ostrich just makes me laugh. The crocodile picture is amazing and I think very difficult to get that picture. However I don’t think I would like that hanging on the wall at work😂. The giraffe picture also makes me laugh.

This was tough! ALL were wonderful. The sun setting leopard by Guy, the Ximungwe female by Mrisho, head shot of the Ostrich, the Croc and goose by Bruce and lastly the cute giraffi by Chris Arnold. Now….tell us what was chosen!!

All worthy of a spot on the wall! Get a bigger room.

Disappointing no bird pics included except for a ‘ shaken & stirred’ Egyptian goose?

Senior Digital Ranger

An excellent point! No eagles, or vultures, or an LBR?!

Wow. Very hard to choose. Glad I wasn’t a judge.

All the pics are wonderful. Some are “luck-shots” while others probably are the culmination of myriad attempts. In order my selection is 1 Bruce Arnott’s “Loose goose”; 2 Nick Sims’ Jumping Lion and amazed giraffe; 3 Dean de la Rey’s Ink-spot elephant; 4 Mrisho Lugange’s Sunlit leopard; 5 Chris Taylor’s Glorious miss giraffe; Joint 6 The two other lion shots by James Tyrell and Sean Zeederberg

Hello Dean!
What an interesting and nice competition! I must say that these are all brilliant images!
But I have to choose… My favourites are;
The Ximungwe female by Mrisho Lugenge. What a beautiful portrait! The light is fantastique!
Leopard Silhouette by Pete Thorpe. Pure art!
Crocodile vs Egyptian Goose by Bruce Arnott. Powerfull african action!
Pride drinking by James Tyrrell. A massive impression of so many lions drinking together and the beautiful blue water and green lush vegetation in contrast! Very artistic!
Sun setting leopard by Guy Brunskill. Pure art! Enormously beautiful! That what I call a place with a view! A leopard with a fantastique feel for where to rest!
Curious giraffe by Chris Taylor. For it’s orginality!
Tack you all for your brilliant images! It was fantastique to see them!! ✨💐✨✨✨

Amazing, there are a lot of really great conceptual images there!!!

They are all award worthy photographs. The one that screams Londolozi to me personally is James Tyrell’s lion pride drinking. It clearly shows the experience of being on safari at Londolozi.

They are all stunning pictures reflecting the beauty that surrounds Londolozi! You definitely need a bigger room! My favourites are Ximungwe female by Mrisho, full bellied Lion Cub (what’s not to love!) Croc v Egyptian Goose, Elephant Mud bath, Leopard at sunset! And just love a cheeky Giraffe! However, if I could have chosen all of them I would have!! Looking forward to returning soon to Londolozi and seeing these images for real!

They’re all wonderful! – but my 2 favourites have to be Guy’s fabulous sunset leopard and James’ lion pride drinking – to see that many lions together at that spot is just astonishing. What a lovely distraction from Corona virus anxiety.

Many stunning images in this batch! Yes, you need more walls, but in the event you can’t add more I vote for the Sun Setting Leopard by Guy Brunskill as the best “arty’ pic and Crocodile vs Egyptian Goose by Bruce Arnott as the best action shot. There are way too many runners up for me to name one!

These are all amazing. I do know the ones that elicited a visceral reaction in me though…..

Loved Sean’s Lion cub!
Croc vs goose was a highlight, Guy’s leopard at sunset, and elephant mud bath

Senior Digital Ranger

My choices (in order!) would be: Ximungwe Female; Crocodile vs Egyptian Goose; Elephant Mud Splash; Sun Setting Leopard; Black-and-White Ostrich; Full-Bellied Lioncub (but would understand Londolozi substituting Pride Drinking for the cub, for a “on safari” shot)

All great pic’s, but the Ostrich who seems to be looking straight back at us through the camera lens, as inquisitive as ever, is my favourite!

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