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Bronwyn is 4th generation custodian of Londolozi Game Reserve, a mother, Master life coach and also one of its most longstanding employees, having grown up on the floors of the kitchen and in the gardens of the lodge. Bronwyn’s official title is that ...

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on The Sisterhood of Londolozi

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That is beautiful, and so relevant. Thank you for sharing.

Bronwyn- great article! Sisterhood is complete – loved the story of how your grandmother came and put her mark on the place, called Londolozi – how your mother put her grace in it. We have been there 4 times, and will return in Sept. to celebrate our 50 wedding anniversary in 2020

Happy 50th!

Senior Digital Ranger

So much positivity and relevance to us all. Celebrating Sisterhood where ever we live, and wishing Happy Women’s Day to all at Londolozi.

Thank you so much for not only your inspirational commentary for this IWD, but also for your continued work to create a “brand “ that is so magical and fulfilling for any visitor to your property, and insuring the staff at all levels are cared for as family…. after my first visit I was hooked and were it not for a double fractured arm, I’d be joining you all in two weeks….. Trust me, I’ll rebook as soon as I can travel comfortably.

Beautiful and inspiring words! Thank you so much for sharing!

Senior Digital Ranger

Tnx. And Happy Internatonal Womens Day!

Thank you, Bronwyn. The women of Londolozi are strong and inspiring.

Just read Maria’s Sunday paper before the Londoz blog…love love love.

So beautiful 💗 Bronwyn-your voice is so gorgeous-reading that poem brought tears.

@Kay Cook, hello

Absolutely beautiful

Very relevant!

Thank you, Bronwyn, for this inspiring poem. Being blessed to live in Arizona, I am especially grateful to the Hopi for their wisdom. Being blessed to have visited Londolozi three times (and planning on bringing a group of 13 next year) , I am especially grateful to the women there for their beautiful visions and actions. Being blessed to practice shamanism, I know that these rough times create hearts of Beauty, Truth and Love, and that the frightening river of change is also the lifeblood of renewal.

A very inspirational blog Bronwyn and, indeed, the Hopi Elders Poem is truly profound. Although I have never been to Londolozi, I feel from reading the blogs that you are just one big happy family and I find that truly wonderful. Thank you for sharing with us and belated Happy International Women’s Day to each and every member of your feminine circle.


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