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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #429

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Excellent group of images this week, James. Upon hearing the news of the recent new Pride, I too am concerned about the safety of Tsalala and her cub. She has overcome SO much that it pains me to think things could very dangerous for her and her cub. Keep us posted.

The photo of the Senegal Bush male and the Mashaba female is fantastic – the light is beautiful and the grasses frame the subjects to perfection.
Interesting comment regarding the rhino that was injured. Its the first time I have heard that an animal has been treated for its injuries. I thought that (as hard as it seems) its a bush rule not to interfere with Mother Nature.

Sorry I’ve just seen the Rhino blog and video about his treatment – glad you helped the rhino out and he is making a good recovery.

Hi Gillian,
yes we usually have a non-intervention policy, but in this case as rhinos are such a flagship species in conservation, and their population is under such grave threats, that it was decided to waive the policy.

Good call – thank you!

Senior Digital Ranger

Good stuff as usual James.

Stunning pics James. Love the Ximungwe young male. He is beautuful.

James, I loved all the photos, especially Leveret, (glad you missed it), Ximungwe Male leopard with the teeth growling, Rhino bull, the young elephants, and the one that threw the branch at you – glad it missed the vehicle🤗

I LOVE that shot of the Mashaba female and Senegal Bush male. Wonderful framing, James!

So glad the rhino shows signs of healing! Loved the bit about the grumpy male elephant. I think we met him a few weeks ago and Alfie backed us right up. So glad you didn’t run over the baby hare. Oh those sleeping lions!! Another great week that is cheering us up as the news here is still giving us all a headache. You all are better than an aspirin anytime! Thank you Victoria

James, beautiful TWIP, especially liking the low angle shot of the zebra/wildebeest on the airstrip. Ximungwe male is developing into a beautiful leopard. Additionally, the portrait of the Senegal bush male alongside Mashaba female is fabulous. I’m still so devastated that I won’t be traveling there in two weeks because of my fractured arm, so your photos keep me there in spirit.

Hi James, great selection of photos as always! I’m assuming that the Senegal Bush Male and the Mashaba Female weren’t simply having tea, so to speak, and that they were mating? Is he stable enough on Londolozi that she could have a chance at raising cubs successfully again? Also, is there any chance the Ntsevu and Nkuhuma Prides could clash, or does the former not go that far north on the property?

What a handsome young fellow is the Ximungwe Young Male leopard! He looks as if he could cause heartbreak among the girls, so to speak! As you say, no tattered ears etc That helps! Wendy M

Are Kunyuma and Mashaba mating, then? Did Mashaba lose another batch of cubs?

Hi Lisa, yes they are mating. The last litter the Mashaba female lost was towards the end of winter last year; she hasn’t had another since then as far as we know…

Some really incredible photos this week, especially of the leopards and that rhino!

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