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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #428

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Amazing photos and incredible sightings . Really glad the lioness and cub were ok after that ordeal at least they had something to eat small but anything is better than nothing.

Lovely pics James. Great to see one of the Nanga female. Just came back from a trip to Kruger. Hardly saw any elephant herds. We were in the north and thought it was due to them following the Marula fruit in the south.

Loved this weeks photos. Thanks!

James, you’ve outdone yourself this week. What a powerful selection of photographs. With the rains it is a celebration of new life and exciting times for all of you at Londolozi. Looks so fresh.

James, so what bird was it? You never said?
Loved all the photos, especially the one of Nanga female in the tree.

Hi Joan,
I did say in the first paragraph; it was a juvenile Black Crake…
Glad you liked the photos.

That Tsalala lioness is one strong and resilient lioness, and her cub is getting so big, over a year old I think? And seeing that wonderful smile on “The Professor’s” face made me smile, and really miss Londolozi! Such a wonderful blog, thank you very much.

Another winning TWIP. Thank you.

Great photos and stories this week. Good to know the Tsalala cub is around and seemingly thriving. Nice capture of the male grouse.

Hi James. I am back with Londolozi at last and so enjoying TWIP again. I seemed to disappear off the grid somehow and wrote 3 emails until happily someone put me back on again! I appear to have lost all my points too that I had before – which is a pity. However – I loved the pics of the two Sand Grouses – male and female. So glad you have had such great rains! We so missed our wonderful daily safaris and are so happy to be back. Wendy M

Great selection of photos as always James! And glad the Tsalala Lioness’ daughter went unscathed from the hyena encounter and hard to believe she is approaching a year old already. Keeping fingers crossed and thumbs held she continues to do well! Also wondering, speaking of the hyenas, if there is just one clan that holds territory on Londolozi or if there is more than one and how many dens you know of on the property?

Hi Michael, there are at least three clans on Londolozi; one in the central areas, one deep south and one in the north. We do occasionally see inter-clan conflicts but not often.
There may even be more for all we know.

So glad for the rains, James, and hoping for a good dry season. Loved the action shot of the sparring wildebeest and the continued story line of Tsalala’s battle with the hyenas and of regained spoils, although meager. There was a recent post about that very battle over her kill. Always good to see her and her thriving cub! I admire Tsalala so much.

Also, a bit off-topic, but who could have fathered the Ndzandzeni Female’s latest litter? The Inyathini Male or Flat Rock Male?

Hi Michael,
almost certainly not the Flat Rock male as their territories are far from each other.
Inyathini is a possibillity, but Mawelawela, Senegal Bush and Nweti males would also be strong contenders. Even White Dam Male…

Love the young mongooses! Wonderful pictures of all the things we love about Londolozi. Thanks for brightening up an otherwise dreary week. Victoria

Thanks for the picture of Nanga Jamo!!

Senior Digital Ranger

WOW! The clarity in the pictures is amazing James! I don’t know which is my favorite! Honestly, it’s a toss up between the elephants drinking at Shingalana Dam, and the Impalas at Sunset. The color affect causes the simmering of the day to literally be felt while the sounds of all encompassing can be heard through all that was captured.
.. And the looks on the faces on the Hyenas,.. Priceless! .. Oh and the rack of ribs Mama Tsalala and her cub had for their dinner,.. What a deal!
All your pictures says so much in thought to the imagination James! It’s a gift beyond what you know, and a delightful pleasure to be able to take in upon what you selflessly share.

Senior Digital Ranger

Always a pleasure James. By the way, a while back you posted your five book recommends for an African safari. I had read 4 of the 5 and was unable to acquire the 5th on the eve of my last trip to Londolozi in 2018. Reading “Ivory, Apes, & Peacocks” as we speak about Alan Root’s long, we’ll-lived life as a wilderness cameraman at the dawn of nature documentary film-making. Great recommend!

That one was my favourite of the lot!

Digital Ranger

One against 15, happy to see Tsalala Lioness and her are fine, without harm !

Such an incredible gallery this week!!!!!

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