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Pete was a Field Guide for Londolozi for 4 years, contributing to the blog as a fantastic writer as well as photographer. Right from his very first bush trip at the age of four, Pete was always enthralled by this environment. Having grown ...

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on They Came For The “Big 6” But Settled For the Big 5

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Good job Peter. We also came across saddle-billed storks as we tracked and found a pride of lions at the river.

Pete, Sounds like you gave your guests all they asked for and more. Who would think otherwise. Nicely done

Senior Digital Ranger

don’t forget the aardvark 🙂

Pete, Great photos I especially liked the one of the OWL

Left you all on the first and got home on the 5th to find 3 wonderful blogs. Made us feel as if we were still there. Lear rd about the big 5 and thankfully learned the lost cub was found and enjoyed the week in pictures that arrived while we were still there. We loved e dry minute we were with you all and look forward to our next trip. Thank you to Alfie and Terrence and everyone at Londolozi. Victoria

That sounds like an incredible safari, especially on the bird front!! I have also seen 5 out of the Big 6 birds (although my only ground hornbill sighting was a long time ago), with only the Pel’s fishing owl still playing hard to get.

Master Tracker

I have seen a Pel’s Fishing Owl, in the Delta it was to be the subject of a day like the one you described , the problem was we saw one within 5 seconds of getting to our destination.

You highlighted a couple of major issues in that I do wish that more drivers would find good spots and let game come to them and if people want to see birds it is far better if all the visitors are of one mind.

What fantastic sightings for you and your guests. I know how thrilled I was to see the big five plus the bonus of a black rhino sighting in one drive. Just goes to show no expectations can yield amazing viewing! Thank you for the bird photos- they might help me identify some of these birds when I’m there soon.

Pete, Thanks for taking on the “birding challenge” with our friends! 186 bird species – Wow! They were thrilled with every minute riding with you. It was especially exciting to see the faces of the “first-timers” in the group when they returned home – ear-to-ear smiles and stories galore! Once again, the Londolozi team and magical land delivers! Fabulous story!

Thank you Peter for a beautiful description of our time at Londolozi. You made our experience truly epic! Next time we’ll get all six…

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