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Michael found his first Londolozi track as a sophomore in college when he picked up Boyd Varty’s Cathedral of the Wild. In it, Michael saw a place that embodied his childhood fascination with the culture and warmth of Africa and knew he had ...

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on Lekker Lingo, Part II: An Intermediate-Level Slang Lesson

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This made me pack out laughing… us as South African’s don’t think about the way we speak being strange, but when put as you’ve done, it must sound out of this world to a foreigner… thanks for the laugh!

Michael, what a good lesson in talking slang Africanisms🤗

Quite humorous- I’m saving your dictionary for my next trip. Prior to arriving, perhaps I can find a pair of vellies!😉 they look comfortable.

And they say American slang is bonkers! South African slang runs barefoot between English and Afrikaans.

I am usually reasonably at foreign languages, but I am not sure if I totally grasped this one. Probably need a few by more lessons when we get there end of January. Sounds like fun. Sorry the hyena ate your flip flop. Victoria

Senior Digital Ranger

OMG! Hilarious! Nothing like starting the day with a good morning laugh! You guys are great!

Hilarious. I guess there has to be American slang expressions that are equally funny to South African ears but it sure seems to me that you have the lock on crazy expressions!

Michael, We ARE paying attention, so keep it coming!! Truly a laughing matter for sure!

These are hilarious, informative, and kinda cool at the same time! As an American college student who dreams of working in the bush, I can just imagine myself having this kind of trouble, hahaha!

These were so funny while also being interesting. Please keep them coming!

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