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Michael found his first Londolozi track as a sophomore in college when he picked up Boyd Varty’s Cathedral of the Wild. In it, Michael saw a place that embodied his childhood fascination with the culture and warmth of Africa and knew he had ...

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on Training Drive Diaries: an Unforgettable Morning

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It is always a priveledge to see a cheetah and wild dogs. Always a wonerful experience to drive with the trainee rangers. We learn so much and it is great fun.

James, Thanks for a great story. We can only imaging the grilling that must be enured to actually get to drive guests! Who was the head ranger when you were in training and were there any memorable moments from any of your training drives??

Hi Guys,
Apologies, the story was actually by Michael Harmon but I put it out under my name by mistake.
My Head Ranger was Chris Goodman who is now Head of Technical Services… And wow, there were too many great moments to even pick one!

James, wonderful story – training drive stories – I have always wondered how the training works!

Most interesting to see the training and experiences of guide/tracker team. If only I were a younger man….

Senior Digital Ranger

our best regards to James!!!!! and once more Iwant to point out that my email is now dina.petridis@vandergroen.be.
The blog has been sent to this email but the login seems not to be ready

It’s always a great day to be out “rovering “ through the veld/bush, but as you say, some days are really special. The sight of a cheetah is always inspiring as they are so much rarer in the Sabi Sand than other places in Africa, such as Kenya/Tanzania. I followed your blog with interest/excitement and then I reached the point where Dan asked about “ following that cheetah you asked about, Michael “? Was the cheetah called Michael, or was there another person ?… I had thought there were four of you- Josh, Dan, James S, and you, James T. Perhaps I’m being too literal….. good blog explaining further the intense training your new rangers encounter.

A nice blog Michael and how lucky for you that you got to sit and take in the beauty of a cheetah. Thank you for sharing with us.

Greay post … to see Cheetah …. Thanks

There is so much to learn and know in the bush and I am always stunned at how much both the rangers and trackers. Thanks for the inside look. Victoria

No one truly understands what time, information and work it takes to become a ranger. That one can see the exceptional wildlife along the way is a great bonus!

Thank you James for the clarification. I thought had mis- read something. Just had eye surgery so my reading isn’t there yet…..

Watching a cheetah hit top speed so quickly is a breathtaking experience. Remarkably athletic animal!

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