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Ntsumi 3:3 Female

Ntsumi 3:3 Female

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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Leopard Update: the Deep South

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James is the Mashaba female not descended from the Mother leopard? Was Vomba not descended from that lineage?

Hi Marinda,
No they came from the Sunset Bend lineage which is different to that of the Mother Leopard.
It’s certainly conceivable that before the leopards were viewed regularly and records were kept that the Sunset Bend female and Mother Leopard came from the same common ancestor, but without substantial DNA testing (which is actually going on), we can’t say for sure.

Thanks James. The research that is being done is fascinating. It is interesting to track the animals and to know where they come from. New DNA research show that us humans share an ancestor that originated in Botswana.

James, I love leopards – of course you are known to have the largest leopard population! I have recommended to you several people – hope they will all come to see the leopards that you are known for🤗

Thanks Joan!

James, always a good day when working the leopard’s of Londolozi

Of course!

Hi James,
It’s so great to read about Nweti, I saw him when he was still hanging around in the Western Sector.
He carries on Hlabankunzi female’s and Nyelethi male’s heritage!
Hopefully he finds a great ‘home’ in the south-east area.
Thanks for the update!

James, thank you for the continuing coverage of the Londolozi leopards. It’s wonderful to know there is such a healthy population within your boundaries, including visitors from other properties in the immediate area. Aside from the leopards in this Deep South area, are the usual species found ie giraffe, rhinos, hippo…..?

Hi Denise,
Yip, all the usual suspects are down there. The habitat is very varied – thickets, river frontage, open grassland – so the species diversity is fantastic in the area.
Hippos would be the one animal you are unlikely to see as the Sand River in that section doesn’t have any deep pools, but occasionally one will be seen hat has been pushed out by a rival and is forced to exist in one of the smaller waterholes.

Senior Digital Ranger

Good stuff

Master Tracker

Let’s hope that the Ndzenzani female produces a female cub at some point. Great photos

Thanks for the update,James.Inyathini is definitely losing ground on all sides,with younger males pushing into his territory and also coming to blows between themselves.Last month N’weti fought with Maxim’s and two days ago Flat Rock was on the receiving end in a fight with Maxim’s when the Nkoveni stepped in and bit Maxim’s male,so the boundaries between all these males are far from being sorted,which is bad news for the females in the area.Off topic,are there any updates on the Anderson male?I am convinced that he suffers from some sort of disease,maybe TB,he has declined way too fast and he is not even that old.

I don’t think he’s been seen in the last couple of days. When males get pushed out by rivals their decline generally accelerates quite a bit, and given that sightings of him have been intermittent at best over the last year he might have been going downhill for some time without anyone properly picking up on it.
He’s around 11 years old, so I agree, he probably had a couple of years in him left.
We’ll post an update as soon as we have one…

Thank you James,i am am looking forward to further updates.

Thanks James really appreciate this and seeing a few leopards soon

James, we still remember the amazing sighting in a huge tree with Inyathini, Ndzanzeni and her then cub. Hoping she can bring up a female too!

I join with others hoping that the Ndzanzeni female has a female off spring to carry on the lineage. She certainly is beautiful. Also it’s good to get a update on the Anderson male, although sad.

My all-time favorite photo is of the Ndzanzeni female drinking from a small pool at sunrise!

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